Colour is coming... by Brandon Westcarr 

Those of you familiar with Kryon will have undoubtedly heard or read one or two phrases over the years that filter into the messages and youfeel you are at the tip of an iceberg, where the third language is practically shouting the hidden message of a very large picture in just a few humble words.

My personal favourite concept from Kryon is: Colour is Coming, a metaphor given several times about the potential of what we could expect past the precession of the equinoxes, which you’ll be glad to know is well and truly happening in our Now. So what does this expression contain; Is it a ‘time capsule’, guidance from the ancestors, perhaps it's an invention that literally shows new spectrums of light? I’m sure there will have been speculations, and I’m equally sure many of them are not ‘wrong’. As Lightworkers and Old Souls we have a tendency to be assumptive and impatient; all part of being an evolving human on a planet in 'graduation' status.

Colour, as we experience it, could very well be described in 1001 ways but, as it stands, it is a‘concept of consciousness’ in its manifestation for today;  just as Kryon described, in a short parable involving children born with eyes, but in a world where all their parents throughout history were blind.  In this we can see ourselves, Old Souls, as the children, but what is it we have been blind to up until this point?

As you may also be aware, 2017 carries the energy of a '1', a new beginning;  this being5 years past the Galactic Alignment, time was taken for us, our entire world, to recalibrate to the 'New Normal'. Just as a child is born and learns to walk, with maturity comes wisdom, and into a world where ‘colour’ is our ability to use our wisdom over old, blinding paradigms, we are tasked with learning what it means to see through our own wisdom, our God-Inside, our intuitions and our self-worthi-ness to own it.

“So, Kryon”  we might ask, “when do we use our wisdom to abolish cruelty, to invent free energy, to change politics into a wiser, more compassionate forum where competition is eked out and inevitable world peace can fulfil all the prophecies the ancients could see ?" (for they could see in colour). To those questionsI feel sure Kryon would answer “Yes, when are you going to?! ” You see, wisdom is knowing the road is long, tested but assured; wisdom is knowing you are the only one who can answer that; wisdom is knowing, that youARE the colours that are coming, and it is also knowing that all things start small, much like being only 5 years old in new energy.

 Just like the child, we are taught to learn new skills slowly, and some of us may develop in areas more quickly than others, but past our judgements of self or comparison to others to make up for what we 'think' should be happening, is where we find ourselves seeing past black and white logic. Take the recent (Dec 2016) channels on numerology:  just like a child learning the basics of ABC, 123, we are faced with ‘discerning energy’ and, just like the child, we’re asked to play with it to expand our understanding. Did it ever occur, that maybe you should look at those numbers and see what personal paradigms you can make of them in your own world?

Know thyself, trust and follow up those ideas and feelings you have, askingyourselfif your greatest joys are being followed:  if that course in reiki, for example, is just a pipedream, or if that visit to       Mt Shasta just won’t squeeze into the calendar year. Perhaps they can? Belief is very powerfulwithin the new energy that is designed to aid your personal evolution in all that you say and think, so take careful consideration of your intent.

Do not give into self-doubt.  Difficult, but remember that each Old Soul, each reader, has an awakening akash (the new colours of remembrance of all you’ve been at your highest vibratory level), each of us of the family of healers and divinators, even a shaman or one who sees and paints in colour. Could you open yourself to that, Is it well with your soul to be so grand?

God is eager to see what you do, so learn to become comfortable with the many ‘yous’ that you are; you may find yourselves all the more ‘colourful’, aware of energy, fluid in your intuition, open hearted within wisdom; trusting and loving of self (the most important, and the first step to becomingall that you may be). All is available to you with free choice and discernment. For this to be explained by me, is redundant, for you need to express it‘you to you’.  If you’re new to this information, you may 'go inside' and ask (bravely), with the intent of being answered “Who am I”? It is another quality entirely.

So, colour is here, all well and good, but how can we expect to imagine mastery of something new, even those things that exist only in the field as our potentials? How do we anticipate without B&W assumptions? For that, I will leave you with a parable of my own:

Imagine yourself, it is the ‘Dark Ages’, Kali Yuga to some, a time of low vibrational resonance, a time of lower global consciousness;  the name says it all. Now, imagine a black and white world to the max, people fearful to the extreme, where your own thoughts are expressed by a ruling state, as potentially of demonic origin. Not a very bright, shining place, but that’s not how God sees it, that’s the blind-world view. Now imagine yourself as a witch - a name describing a person in these times.. who sees in colour!

Further imagine the suffering of your fellow man and woman, and as a healer going to them and curing their ailments and ills with your sacred ceremonies (perceptions of the quantum cosmic lattice), herbal remedies (intuition and connection to Gaia) and all without a team or a certificates to prove your ability (knowledge of God inside). How do those who fear everything unknown under the sun react when their disease disappeared- simplythrough your touch, and without logical reason? In these times you may expect a short lived career as a healer.

 You’re now a 'future' scientist who has discovered countless cures and inventions to help mankind,; Nobel prizes adorn your study;  the world hangs off your every word knowing they are in the presence of a benevolent designer of mankind’s future. To understand the difference between your two, imagined, ‘yous’, is fairly simple:  it is not the distance of time, but your place within it. This is not the Dark Age- you can release that now - THIS moment is not a world where black and white is tyrant but full of beautiful colours, a mantle of lights to wear:  this is you, and this is NOW. Trust that you shall not fall into a world without colour when see the news and it will be seen in your face others, one who is not in fear, seen by those coming into this world that you haveseeded with your love. Love yourself first, you have every reason to.  You are here, now, sittingin the ‘New Energy’ amidst the colours of the countless eternal ‘yous’  you have been and can potentially be.  Colour is both within and without; it is quantum but it is also personal, and it resides in you!

Patience is key:  look to the children as they also mature, as they see you within themselves, as they continue to paint in colour as we each make our way through winds of transition, to return, to continue, to be the colours of God, which, indeed, we all are..

                                                                                              Brandon Westcarr