Looking forward to the Kryon UK Tour 2018

The 3 week Kryon Tour of the UK gets under way in May 2018 and we are, each and every one of us, so looking forward to this magical experience which is very much a 'One-off' for Lee and the team. UK Kryonites and Kryonettes should make the best of this unique time as Lee is scheduled to cover both the north and south of the country with public days in Edinburgh and Bath.

It's most likely that the people on the full tour will be overseas visitors and so the public days will be our own opportunity to experience Lee and his friends live at one of the venues. If you haven't been Up-close with Lee and Kryon before, this is the time to start thinking about booking your place in either city. The Pineal Choir is a separate event run by Dr Todd Ovokaitys and this is filling fast so, have a look at the main website for full details. Here are the dates for the UK events:

May 12 - all day Kryon Seminar in Edinburgh

May 22, 2018 (Tuesday) – All Day Kryon Team Special Sessions
May 23-24-25, 2018 (Wednesday-Friday) – Pineal Toning: The Avalon Choir with Dr. Todd Ovokaitys & Masters Conductors & Channellings by Lee Carroll/Kryon
May 26, 2018 (Saturday) – Quantum Living – Special Day with Lee Carroll/Kryon & Guests
May 26, 2018 (Saturday Evening) – Ayni Despacho Ceremony with Michelle Karen
May 27, 2018 (Sunday) – Kryon Glastonbury Excursion Day 1
May 28, 2018 (Monday) – Kryon Glastonbury Excursion Day 2 

I shall be with the team on Part 1 of the tour (north and Scotland) and also in Bath and Glastonbury. If you would like to join for a Kryon coffee meet, either in Edinburgh or Bath, email me at kryonuk@gmail.com

Best wishes


2017.. Year One of The New Energy!

Wild Cards and odd events...

So far this year we have been experiencing energies of constant change, uncertainty, vacillation in governments and global decision making. In short, it's a time of re-setting how everything works in the world and it can be very uncomfortable for its 7.5 billion population!

Kryon's most recent channels have given meaning to some of these occurrences and the term 'wild card' has been introduced to try to explain why these events are placing themselves in the here and now. Wild Cards mean: 'expect the unexpected' and will often shock and surprise at the time: Trump is one, Brexit another; they explode into being, rock the boat, make people think, maybe moreso than ever before; they set the ball rolling for a new and unknown future to unfold. Watch out for these,  try to see the overview and not the wood for the trees!

An Alliance with Gaia...

Kryon says that we have lost, over aeons of time, the ability to really communicate with the Earth: Gaia; that the time is here to rekindle that alliance and to know the earth and her sacredness once again, to be able to tune in to the Mother, her plant and animal kingdoms and the 'elementals', as we call the 'unseen' forms which inhabit our forests and even our gardens. They have always been there, they know us and communicate to us all the time. If we listen with our heart/brain/pineal triad, we will indeed feel those communications at a level we may call Intuition. That intuition is, again, always present and ready to guide us; we just need to fine-tune ourselves to it in order to align with our highest purpose, always keeping in mind that this is not a singular purpose!

The beautiful messages from Kryon, from Monument Valley to The Tour of Ireland are filled with this. Listen and listen again in order to really take it all in. The channellings are coming thick and fast these days and are more 'literal' in their content than ever before. We are now better equipped than ever to reduce our individual stress levels, to become a 'confluence of health', to connect 24/7 to The Source; we can 'speak' to our Innate, thereby truly becoming the One in charge of our own cellular structure and with the ability to change the ageing process at the same time. We live in amazing times!

Return to Ireland

Lee Carroll and the Kryon team are back in the Emerald Isle this year with a tour of many sacred sites and places, plus a bigger than ever Kryon seminar in Dublin. There is a considerable amount to see and do on the tour which is, once again, lead by Maria O'Farrell Carr. She and Janet Donald will also be running a 'Sacred Energy Workshop and more.

Spiritual artists feature

We are delighted to set the scene in our new 'Spiritual Artists' section  by introducing some of the work of Aimee Birnbaum whose recent London Exhibition entitled Baltic Dreams embraced the realms of the seen and unseen, taking in forms and figures, rivers and forests, dark and light, all in a swirl of fantasy and reality; both nature and nature spirits depicted in beautiful tapestries within the ancient lands of the earth.

Aimee works at  the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours. Her work has recently been accepted by The Royal Academy of Arts.

Kryon in Sacred Ireland

One-day seminar

September 4th ÷ One Day Event

We are in an unprecedented time. After 2012 the planet has definitively entered a new era of benevolence. There is a balancing occuring between masculine and feminine aspects on Earth. 26 years ago Kryon had announced this would take place!

In this event we will explore how to function well in these new times at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

More than ever before Kryon, channeled by Lee Carroll, offers us an instruction manual for the new times.

With special appearance by Maria O´Farrell Carr and Jane DonaldIn a Celtic Healing ceremony

An introduction to Celtic Shamanic practices of grounding your energy with the earth using the Green Man and the elementals in Ireland to be at one with the earth.Tuning in to the land and water in Ireland and this part of the world to see how we can serve Light in a two way process with the land and the water.

Details and registration

Following the Kryon Seminar :

KRYON Ireland Tour with LEE CARROLL September 5th to 11th September

For more information go to : www.okinhealth.com

Lee Carroll in London

September 2014.. Kryon came to London for the very first time, and what a wonderful experience it was! After addressing an expectant audience at the beautiful venue of St James’s Church, Piccadilly, Lee then took the Kryon team to a rather different and unusual venue close to Marble Arch: The Victory Services Club. With Robert Coxon providing the music, the Kryon Team presented with Lee giving an overview of planetary and individual changes post Galactic Alignment:  The New Prophesy For Earth was the overall theme for lightworkers living in the UK.

Filled with optimism and new information, the main Channelling gave insights into the history of this sacred land with many hints about ‘the hidden wisdom’ which, he tells us, we may all now access in these new times.  Monica Muranyi was also on hand with her books and a ready smile!

We can’t wait for Lee to come again…Click here to listen to the full audio.