Michelle Karen's predictions for 2019


NUMEROGICALLY: 2+0+1+9= 12=3. The composite number 12 in Chaldean numerology can indicate mental anxiety and being victimized by the plans or intrigues of others. This number also reduces to 3. 3, in astrology is associated to the planet Jupiter, revealing how best to face this year’s challenges. Slowing down, doing our best to enjoy regular naps, engaging in disciplines linking mind, heart, body and spirit (such as yoga or Chi Gong), are helpful this year to reflect and make sure that the demands of our lives do not exceed our capacity to withstand them.


IN CHINESE ASTROLOGY, THE YEAR OF THE EARTH PIG (Feb 5, 2019- January 25, 2020). A year of positive energies, benevolence, good will and luck.


Success should come to us in all spheres of life. Great for making money. Financial investments are rewarding. A feeling of lightness and abundance permeates our reality. We should however beware of not relying too heavily on our good fortune that we would mismanage our resources and incur financial losses. This year, keeping our books up to date and clearing our debts should be priorities easy to fulfill.


Many become passionate about implementing ecological solutions in their community and ensuring the beneficial evolution of all. Common interests take precedence over petty, selfish concerns.


A year to avoid loneliness and free ourselves from toxic relationships. Our social life should be particularly warm and enriching. We make ourselves selflessly available to others for the highest good, with modesty and flexibility. Love blossoms. Single people are likely to attract a meaningful relationship. A great year to get married and/or have a child.


Our intellectual and spiritual needs are enhanced. Learning, teaching and philanthropy are favored, as is writing.  We are organized in the pursuit of knowledge. Our motivation to move forward constructively is enhanced.


To be successful, projects require dialogue, an attention to the benefits of the collectivity rather than the individual and the creation of situations where all win. An atmosphere of abundance, communication and generosity permeates our work environment.


A good year to lighten our work load, take a much-needed break, or better, if we can, go on a sabbatical. The periods of joy and relaxation we give ourselves help us reflect on the past 11 years, before the next new 12-year cycle which will begin in 2020, with the year of the metal Rat. In 2019, we may feel called to change lifestyles entirely, discovering and tapping into talents and resources we were unaware of possessing.


A happier and more positive year. 





5: Solar Eclipse in Capricorn (15º31’)

Represented by “School grounds filled with boys and girls in gymnasium suits”, this eclipse stresses the importance of clearing past obstacles and collaborating towards a positive, collective, evolutionary goal.


13: Jupiter Square Neptune (+ June 16 and September 21)

It could feel like everything is dissolving around us. People could be flaky. Deception could create misunderstandings that are difficult to clarify. Spiritual revelations could be both dramatic, elusive and misleading. Fake news could abound. Situations could be strange and confused without us being able to quite pinpoint what is wrong or why. Not falling prey to promotional schemes is a must and postponing legally binding decisions is advised. More than ever is it important to stay anchored in our values, stand in our authority with integrity and steadfastness, remain strong and solid in the face of the strangely fluctuating ups and downs of our external reality.


20: Lunar Eclipse in Leo (0º49’)

In the Sabian Symbols, the image associated to this degree is the following: “Under emotional stress, blood rushes to a man’s head”. Despite restrictions, powerful ambitions emerge under this eclipse, giving us the strength and courage to zoom through obstacles. Standing in our authority with integrity and generosity, helps us attract financial abundance.


31: Saturn Sextile Neptune (+June 18)

The opportunities are present to make our dreams a reality. Visions backed by practical work, planning and good organization manifest concretely. Some situations may be dissolving allowing a new, better order to emerge from the rubbles. Creative imagination smooths out business challenges. Charitable efforts, artistic gatherings and social events help further our ambitions.




No exact planetary aspect.





6: Uranus enters Taurus (till July 2025)

The next 7 years bring many changes in how we globally treat Mother Earth. Deep transformations in the financial system, are also underway. Monetary situations benefitting all are favored. New currencies emerge. Positive banking solutions are found. Individually, we become more conscious of the way we balance income and expenses. A great period of time to clear our debts and learn the spiritual laws of abundance.




10: Jupiter retrograde (24º21’ Sagittarius - Aug 10 at 14º30’ Sagittarius)

We are being asked to re-evaluate our religious and philosophical values. Integrity issues come into sharp focus. Previously hidden activities of the church could be revealed. Challenging emigration situations could re-emerge while international alliances are revisited.   


24: Pluto retrograde (23º09’ Capricorn – Oct 2 at 20º38’ Capricorn)

During the next 5 months, we are required to discern the right and wrong uses of power and sexuality. Abuse of both could become more and more visible in the world.


29: Saturn retrograde (20º31’- Sep 17 at 13º54’ Capricorn)

During the next 5 months, our relationship to external authority is brought into sharp focus. In our personal life, how do we deal with duties, obligations, responsibilities? How clear are our boundaries? A time to reassess the respect we have for our own bodies and assert our truth with dignity. A time also to learn from our own past and remember the deep wisdom we incarnated with.



No exact planetary aspect.




16: Jupiter Square Neptune

Kindly refer to January 13 + September 21.


18: Saturn Sextile Neptune

Kindly refer to January 31.


21: Neptune retrograde (18º43’ Pisces till November 26 at 15º55’ Pisces)

The state of world seas and oceans could become a growing concern. Deeper explorations of the power of sound could surface. We become more and more aware of the oneness of all, and understand more clearly the effects of our emotions, thoughts and actions on others.




2: Solar Eclipse in Cancer (10º41’)

This degree is symbolized by: “A clown caricaturing well-known personalities”. This eclipse entices us to pay more attention to the wealth of our subconscious mind. Not all is as it seems. We are required to go deeper within ourselves to discern what is from what is not.  Psychic messages, a deeper understanding of our spiritual lineage and a truer connection to our real origins, expand our awareness, leading to broader life experiences. 


16: Lunar  Eclipse in Capricorn (24º)

The image associated with this degree: “An oriental rug dealer in a store filled with precious ornamental rugs”. The wisdom gained in past incarnations, the knowledge acquired through ancient initiations, the divine understanding buried in our subconscious, could all start emerging during this eclipse. We could display abilities and a creative perception of others and our environment, that defy the more limiting-limited previous knowledge we had of ourselves. Sudden answers to our questions, unexpected mental break-throughs lead to a complete reorganization of our psyche as well as new, original interests.





11: Uranus retrograde (636’ Taurus till January 10, 2019 at 2º39’ Taurus)

Financial matters are reassessed. A great time to clear our debts, establish a strong saving plan and become clear on our values. Wonderful also for re-evaluating our relationship to Mother Earth, rediscovering, as well as honoring, nature and the sacredness of the land. 




21: Jupiter Square Neptune

Kindly refer to January 13 + June 16.




No exact planetary aspect.





8: Saturn Sextile Neptune

Kindly refer to January 31 + June 18.





15: Jupiter Square Uranus

Even if the necessary space and freedom for them to physically manifest may not yet be in place, anticipated seeds of change happen in the least expected way, time or areas. People could act in irresponsible ways. Plans could suddenly be disrupted. Our confidence could be challenged.  Even if our wishes and dreams are likely to somewhat grow out of proportion, unusual ideas lead to exciting new projects. Advanced technology could be both expensive and unreliable. A long-distance journey could expose us to strange experiences requiring of us to stay anchored in our inner peace. Someone we haven’t seen in a long time, could stimulate our need for breaking free from old patterns of behavior and traditional expectations. A time of flux, growth and new discoveries.


25: Solar Eclipse in Capricorn (4º20’)

This degree is symbolized by “Indians, some rowing a canoe and others dancing a war dance in it”. An eclipse pointing to the need to find our inner completion and use our talents and material resources well. Personal mastery leads to new ideas which in turn expand our consciousness and  help us support others in a creative way.


Wishing you a powerful and wonderful 2019!


In Loving Light.


Michelle Karén, M.A., D.F.Astrol.S