The Tour of a lifetime(s)

The Magical Mystery Tour 2018 has been the most extensive Kryon UK event to date. Travellers from over 20 countries participated and visited sacred sites in the North, Scotland and the South of England over a 3 week period, enjoying good weather and the company of Lee and the Global Kryon Team.

The Lake District revealed its secrets at Mayburgh Henge, Long Meg and her Daughters and Castlerigg stone circle. Edinburgh Castle, Rosslyn Chapel and Arthur's Seat were the focus for the Scottish endeavours with a candle-lit evening of channelling, chanting and enjoying the fruits of local produce for supper.

Bath was the focal point for the southern section of the tour with two seminars, visits to Avebury, Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Winchester and Salisbury. All regularly seasoned by the channelling of Lee and Marilyn Harper along the way.

Dr Todd Ovokaitys directed The Avalon Choir over a 3 day period and the activation of the Glastonbury Node became, as a result, the culmination of his work and efforts. Revealed too was the matching 'Null' which is a significant place in Greenland, details via

Many thanks to the organisers and presenters of this amazing UK Kryon event.


Castlerigg Stone Circle

Castlerigg Stone Circle