Moving into 2019

A giant leap for mankind!

A giant leap for mankind!

Here we are, having made the leap from 2018 into a new and beckoning year! January is the perfect month to settle into daily routines and allow yourself a bit of gentle nurturing as the hectic tones of the holiday period ebb slowly away, opening up to - yet another - New Beginning.

The battle of light and dark continues to play itself out all around us but we fear not; we are the Warriors of the Light (an old expression now) and the way-showers. As Brexit looms upon us, ever nearer on the horizon, we keep our faith that all will be well in our lands; as old establishments struggle to keep their grip on things we remain silent and calm; we know that the future is that which we co-create. 

If you have followed the words of Kryon for as long as we have - nearly 30 years! - you will now feel an overwhelming sense that the 'overview' of spirit has indeed been a wonderful guiding-light in itself; Kryon had helped us to remember our grandness, our Lemurian and past-life history and the choice we made to be on the planet in these exciting times. Blessed are we to be here! 

Make the very most of this beginning month; take things a step at a time and make your routines as enjoyable as you can. Walk often in nature, enjoy your own company and look forward to a year where many things are on schedule to be revealed.