Ingrid Dickenson is known for her work in understanding the effects of electro-magnetic fields on the human body. She has written much on the subject over the years and illustrates just how important it is to comprehend that we are each 'electrical beings' (Kryon also used that term) and sit within the 'Schumann Resonance' (the Earth's heartbeat) which is said to interact with the biological oscillators within the brain, regulating our immune response and overall health.


The following is an introduction to Ingrid's work. We hope you will find it both informational and useful:



Alongside proud accomplishments of new technologies modern society has lost their true connection to the source of Life and welbeing because the further we are going into the digital age, the faster we are forgetting  our intrinsic healing connection to our planet Earth Mother.

Although some new awareness regarding the healing effect of Earth’s magnetism is emerging, as the publication of the book  `Earthing’ shows,  it still approaches this ancient knowledge like a `new’ discovery of a way to healing but does not attempt to explain the important `spiritual’ connection. I couldn’t find any mention  of Schumann Resonance in the text.

The knowledge of the healing power of Earth is ancient. Native races understand and have practiced  healing rituals since the dawn of time, well aware of the sanctity and healing power of Mother Earth. Whilst they may not know the scientific details regarding particular frequencies, they can `feel’ them, a much more effective way than using scientific analysis. This knowledge brings them closer to Mother Earth than the modern approach through an analytical mind. However, since 1952 it has been scientifically established by the German Scientist Dr. Otto W.Schumann that a natural electromagnetic frequency pulses at 7.8 Hz between the earth crust and the ionosphere layer, followed by the realisation that this is the exact main brainwave frequency, of all vertebrates – called  the alpha rhythm.

I named this frequency `The Tuning Fork for Life’ when I came to understand that the Hippocampus in the deep part of the old Reptilian Brain is also pulsating at this very frequency. This was explained to me by the late Dr.Wolfgang Ludwig, an excellent German scientist who wrote the important book “ Informative Medizin’ Krankheits-Ursachen/Behandlung ohne Chemie” ( Informative medicine disease causes / treatment without chemistry -unfortunately only published in German).

When we look at the function of the Hippocampus within the Brain  the `tuning fork’ connection becomes apparent  as the hippocampus is responsible for short term memory, creativity, consciousness and dreaming. This is what defines our personality  as with the loss of short term memory we lose ourselves. We can see this in people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease where the loss of Self is evident. During my long telephone conversations over 20 years ago with Dr Ludwig regarding this condition  it became clear to me that Alzheimer’s will increase substantially with the introduction of wireless technologies and I warned about this in my first TV interview in Dec.1995. The reason for this should be easy to grasp even for the lay person, yet `scientists’ can’t seem to see the link. Or maybe they just don’t want to or cannot afford to in fear of ridicule.

Maybe one of the reasons is that, if we consider Schumann Resonance as an  essential `background frequency’ for the  biological OSCILLATORS in the brain,  even though its amplitude is only 1000th of a Volt, the man-made noise of pulsed magnetic fields can drown out this very subtle  `Tuning Fork for Life’, If this signal is drowned out to the extend that the brain cannot perceive it any longer, the harmony of natural frequencies within the biological system is interrupted, leading to unpredictable consequences,  comparable to an orchestra without its conductor. No longer can the immune system, since the dawn of humanity used to working in harmony with the Earth’s pulse, respond in the natural way to `regulate’ the system.  The rapid rise in immune disorders like Allergies, Cancer and Alzheimer’s is a perfect example.

With the fast spread of wireless frequencies engulfing us everywhere and every minute of our lives,  these diseases have become so commonplace now that people either don’t want to or are unable to understand the connection. Our addiction to wireless gadgets have a part to play here.

However, it is precisely because it has become so commonplace  that we should ask ourselves the question WHY these conditions have now swept the planet like an epidemic. The old excuse by the authorities - that it’s because we’re all living longer - makes absolutely no sense . I counter such an argument with the question why so many children suffer from Cancer and autoimmune diseases now, some of them so rare they have hardly been seen before.

 It’s a very uncomfortable truth for the telecommunication industry, in particular with regard to the wireless `smart’ systems now introduced into every part of our daily life. This `disconnection’ from the natural world does not only affect humans. Animals and plants are affected too. So are insects as well as bees which are more sensitive to wireless frequencies. It is also very strange that organisations, who claim to  protect the environment will not acknowledge this fact. Instead they actually feed this insanity by supporting the call for smart meters and smart appliances, claiming that this will save energy and thereby avoid `Climate Change’ whilst these measures do the exact opposite by damaging the connection responsible for our healthy evolution on this planet.

So what is the solution ? Where there is a Will there is always a Way.  And there are ways!  But sadly the political will is missing. Very few people know that `Visible Light Communication’ was known `before’ the introduction of the wireless microwave system. It is sad that we rely on the will of those above us to determine the way. Further info about VLC can be found on my second website

So far there hasn’t even been any recognition of the very basic fact that the biological system is powered by a subtle energy field. Although this can be measured, as long as this is not publicly acknowledged, people will think that this is all some esoteric `nonsense’.

Few people understand that we are all electrical beings although this should be obvious when we look at the Neural network of the brain and the consequences if that becomes damaged. To also grasp that our bio-electrical field is interlocked with the field of the earth is the next step to understand Earth’s healing potential. Our bodies are truly copies of our planet when we consider the ratio of minerals and water which closely resembles that of Earth.

We also are deeply affected by the two main frequencies, one from under our feet called transverse electromagnetic waves, which is likened to the female Yin signal and one from around the planet within the Earth/Ionosphere layer, which can be seen as the male Yang frequency. For good health it is important that we are transducers of both in `equal’ measure. This in turn will enhance the power of our bio-electric field, expand, balance and heal it. Like a battery our field loses power and shrinks with ill health and age. Focusing on the free flow of both energies through our body will slow down the ageing process. We can see this in people who know how to harness earth’s powers like Karate experts who can   perform tasks demanding enormous strength even in old age.

`Earthbreathing’ is a process which teaches us to channel both frequencies through the body whilst maintaining a spiritual connection to Mother Earth. It is performed as a Sacred Ritual in a way that honors our Mother. I am often asked if I can teach `Earthbreathing’ via Skype or through an online course but so far I have not been able to find a way. As Earthbreathing is a selfhealing ritual using breath, rhythm, movement and imagery, it needs to be taught  matching the individuals capacity to `feel’ the connection as this is not an academic course.

We are all different in the way we see the world and our individual bio-electric fields are also different according to age, sex and health. To demonstrate the power of Earthbreathing I scan this field with my electronic equipment before and after people learned the ritual  and this itself will make people aware that the resultingharmonizing of the field is not just a trick of their imagination, which in turn will encourage them to make Earthbreathing a daily ritual. This scan can only be performed during an individual Earthbreathing workshop and it is impossible to do this remotely.

Getting to know and feel Mother Earth is a unique experience and leads to many new discoveries, better health and slower ageing for the individual who practices Earthbreathing daily. In turn we also help our Mother Earth by giving back  the love she deserves.

Ingrid Dickenson BRCP EMR

Energy Medicine Practice

Bio-Electromagnetic Research Initiative