Jen Eramith

We are pleased to introduce you to Jen Eramith, a highly valued new contributor to the Kryon UK pages. Her monthly channelled messages can be usefully applied, to beneficial effect, as she describes what ‘energies’ we can expect to experience for the given month. She may also advise certain physical activities or stratagy to help and support us in traversing the month with ease and grace. 

Jen is a channel for the Akashic records which she accesses in order to help us expand our own individual connection to spirit, to help us navigate our path through life. If you wish to know more, you can also subscribe to the full-version of the monthly messages via Jen’s website: 

Enjoy the latest message…

Akashic Transformations December message

What energy and experiences can we expect in December 2017? 

The energy this month is filled with kindness. It offers a sense of a floating and moving through water. You will find a feeling of fluidity. Things that have been stuck for a long time might move more easily, but they will not move in a linear way. This month, everything moves in a floating, ambiguous way.  

This will be a time to practice surrender and having faith in the processes that underlie your endeavors. This is a time to practice relaxing into the work you engage. Imagine if you were trying to float in the water -- if you hold yourself still or try to stiffly, you sink. Floating in the water requires that you relax and expand – that you take a deep breath and surrender to your surroundings. This is the way to work with the energy of this month. 

It is in surrender that you will find incredible kindness, compassion, and generosity this month. You will find it useful to practice trust. Actively engage in trusting your friends, the people around you, your spirit guides, and your surroundings. Actively allow people to support you and allow your environment to support you. Gratitude will serve you in terms of helping you put your mind on the feeling of trust or the feeling of knowing that you are supported. 

In love and light


Akashic Transformations November message

What energy and experiences can we expect in November 2017?

The energy of this month looks like an inverted whirlpool. It is just like a small whirlpool as it goes down the bathtub drain, yet it is inverted so the energy is moving upward. In the same way that a whirlpool develops, everything begins with a general sense of turning. Just as if you were floating in water and you began to go down a whirlpool, the first thing you would notice is a change in perspective as you begin to turn very slowly. One moment you are facing one direction, the next moment you are facing another direction – and before you know it, things have changed again until you seem to be right back where you started. This will happen again and again through the month of November -- a feeling that you are moving into new directions before you can adjust to each new perspective.

Many people will feel disoriented this month. The things you usually do to make sense of your life will be less reliable. The moment you feel like you have gotten your bearings, things have changed again and you will have to readjust. This will occur over and over again in November. It will serve you to change your daily rituals and habits in order to help you move with the changes happening around you. Open ways to see things with a fresh perspective each day.

The other feeling that will come with the inverted whirlpool is a sense of moving upward. Not only are you adjusting to a new perspective as you spin around, but you are also adjusting to a higher perspective in that your vision keeps shifting into bigger issues. When you have a challenge at one level, it will then appear at a higher level. It will find a broader reach, and you will see it with a perspective that reaches farther beyond your personal life than ever before. You will find that you develop a better sense of outlook. You will be able to see farther ahead than you ever have before and you will become more aware than usual of extended outcomes. This will lead you to become more aware than ever of your interconnectedness with everyone and everything. You will be able to foresee how your actions will lead to a series of consequences rather than a single consequence. Having a higher perspective is wonderful, because it gives you a broader view and helps you make wiser decisions. But it can also be overwhelming. You have more information to absorb and process.

With these two dynamics in mind, it will be important for all of you to move slowly and take time to consider about what is happening in your life. Review and reflect upon your experiences each day in order to help you shift into a deeper wisdom. It will be very important this month to avoid distraction, but instead to keep your mind at the task at hand or on the issues that are happening in your real life. Overall, this energy is helping you become the person you most want to be. Yet, the energy this month it is happening in a very rapid and disorienting way.

In love and light


Akashic Transformations October message

Akashic Transformations: October 2017

What energy and experiences can we expect in October 2017? 

The energy this month is optimistic and productive. Everything is out in the open. There are few places left to keep a secret this month. If there are secrets hiding in your life at this point, they are certainly going to come to light one way or another.  

Now you have a clear sense of what you are working with and a clear sense of what to do about it. The feeling is like you all have been working hard together and now you are starting to get a rhythm for the work and you are able to laugh with one another. The work is hard, but there is the feeling you are all in it together and there is great optimism that comes. There is a sense of goodwill and camaraderie available this month.  

The energy this month can also be seen as the time in a marathon when you begin to experience endorphins and have a “runner’s high.” If you think of the past year as a race, you have been working hard with both personal and collective challenges. Now you have developed a rhythm and pace. Your body, your mind, and your spirit are able to settle into that rhythm and enjoy it.  

This is an excellent time to work with others. It is a time to jump right into whatever tasks you are engaged with. The energy this month supports you in every way you can imagine. The energy this month does not remove or lessen the challenge; instead it offers support so that you can rise to the challenge. 

In Love and light, Jen

Akashic Transformations September message

What energy and experiences can we expect in September 2017?

The energy this month is clear. There is a sense of honesty and of being forthright that emerges this month. This is not to say that things are quiet; in fact, this is a very active month. And yet there is clarity resounding through the entire time period. This clarity has a sweeping energy. Clear perspective sweeps through, almost like a hurricane clearing everything out of its path.

This month brings an opportunity to sees things for what they really are more than ever before. There is no more room for denial. There is no room for tolerating deception, and no reward for being sneaky this month. Nothing sneaky will work. The only thing that will work well this month is honesty.

You can expect to engage in the difficult process of facing a truth that you have been ignoring, or a truth that was previously hidden from you. Many of you will feel betrayed as you realise things are not what they seemed, or something you believed was never true. It will be important to have compassion with yourself and with others. Even if you are frustrated with one another, try your best to offer compassion and understanding as people wake up and realise things that you may have known for a long time.

This sweeping clarity may be difficult, but it is also profoundly reassuring. It is the feeling when you finally sit down and get to work on something you had avoided. It is a relief to rise above the dread of procrastination. The hard work is before you, and yet there is something clean, clear, and restful in your mind when the struggle is over and you start working. This is the energy available for you in September 2017.

In love and light, Jen

Akashic Transformations August message

Akashic Transformations: August 2017

By Jen Eramith

 What energy and experiences can we expect in August 2017?

 The energy moves quickly this month. It is like a fast-moving river or a big wind blowing. Yet time moves slowly this month, so it may feel like this month goes on forever. There is potential for so much to occur as energy moves quickly and time moves slowly -- so there is even more time to get things done. This can be a very productive month for many of you. It can be an optimistic, enlightening, and exhilarating month. Everything is out in the open this month.

Amidst all that fast-moving energy, there is a stronger potential for crashing. While some of you will soar through the entire month, many will find yourselves crashing into things every now and then. At an individual level, this means that you may enter conflicts that seem bigger than usual or more important than usual. You may run into a roadblock when trying to get something done, or you may have something physically happen in your life that stops you in your tracks. This will be different for everyone.

There is no need to fear. Your individual life is choreographed by your spirit beings and your loved ones. You will have the crashes that you need to help you redirect yourself and learn the lessons that you need, just like always. It is just that this month’s energy is bigger and faster so the crashes will be more obvious. When things are going well, it will feel especially good this month. When things go wrong, they are going to go wrong dramatically. Everything is more obvious in August 2017 because things are bigger and there is a sweeping energy.

In love and light, Jen


Akashic Transformations July Message

What energy and experiences can we expect in July 2017?


The energy this month rushes upward suddenly. It is as if you are watching an eagle flying through the air when it catches an updraft. There is a sense that everything lifts up at once. Whether you are trying to or not, you are going to lift up, too. Everyone is lifting up. Uplift can be a wonderful experience. Lifting up is typically a metaphor for something that you would want to happen. Yet just like an eagle in a sudden updraft, if you are not ready it can be disorienting or even damaging.

The best thing you can do with the energy this month is to prepare yourself to be lifted. Assume that whatever turbulence you encounter this month is simply part of the process of being lifted up. If you will allow yourself to be lifted, you will find two things occur. One, you will find a great sense of relief and joy as you are able to see farther than ever before and move up toward a greater sense lightness. And, two, as you see farther you will become aware of things you could not see before – and this ma be difficult. You will have to face some things that you have previously been ignoring.

Consider how this month fits into the energy of the year and the work of peacebuilding. This is the time when anyone who has been avoiding their work as a peacebuilder will be forced to comprehend and face the big picture that you are all a part of. You cannot avoid seeing how the world is changing and the ways that everyone is interconnected. This will become so apparent this month that no one will be able to avoid their peacebuilding work. You will all need to participate in one way or another. This is a month when denial becomes less possible than ever before.

In Love and Light, Jen

Akashic Transformations June message

What energy and experiences can we expect in June 2017?

The energy this month is pushy. There is a great deal of movement and a sense of being compelled or pressured. This pertains to physical and emotional movement. It also includes movement within your social circles, and through your profession. There is a feeling that none of you can fit where you have been before. You must move. It is an imperative.

Resistance is one of the primary themes you will work with this month. Because there is such a pushy energy, many of you will feel an initial resistance to moving, yet moving is what you must do. Throughout the month ask yourself, “What is trying to happen? What do I want to have happen? What am I afraid of? And how can I move?” If you will ask yourself those four questions, you will be able to rhythmically step forward one foot at a time throughout the month.

For some of you, the movements will be sudden and surprising. For some it will be a long, slow series of changes. There is no question that all of you are going to move in significant ways in June, whether you want to or not. If you resist moving in ways that your life is trying to shift you, then you are going to need to have a sudden, difficult movement. Whereas, if you ask yourself questions and try to take steps forward throughout the month, then you will find that you can find some more grace and ease and even a little bit of sense of control about the movements that you are making. There is a sense of urgency in the energy this month, but it doesn’t need to lead to difficulty.

Akashic Transformations May message

What energy and experiences can we expect in May 2017?

The energy this month is like the feeling of people holding hands across the world. There is a feeling of togetherness, and of being stronger when you work together than when you are when you work alone. This month, the idea that humanity is greater than the sum of its parts is central to everything you will do. The energy supports working together, and a push for strength in a united way. There is a feeling of getting along with each other better than you have before. You may find that there are more openings to resolve conflicts, create understanding, or build partnerships than there have been recently. There is really a nice feeling of togetherness during the month.

But that image of humanity holding hands across the world is not a prediction. We cannot predict that this will happen, though there is certainly potential for it. The image is a metaphor for the energy. Whether or not people actually are able to hold hands across the world will be a matter of what you all choose to do. You can choose to take this energy and build togetherness, but it is not something that will just come to you automatically.

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In love and light, Jen

Akashic Transformations April message

What energy and experiences can we expect in April 2017?

 The energy in this month is very intense. It looks like a sharp mountain peak with a steeply inclined path to the top. The summit is a teetering, precarious point with a steep slide down to the bottom. The energy of this month is volatile and difficult to see in advance. The way the month will unfold is very reactive to what has happened in February and March.


This month has an all-or-nothing configuration. On one path, it could be a very regular-seeming month with not much happening. On another path, everything you might imagine can happen. The worst things can happen or the best things could happen. Whether the intensity is obvious on the surface, nothing will be regular this month. The volatility of the energy will lead to profound shifting at every level.


The one thing that is certain about April 2017 is that it will be beneficial to be prepared for anything. Be prepared for an emergency in case you encounter an emergency. Be prepared to help your friends and neighbors through an emergency. Be prepared to help your loved ones if they face hard times, even if you are not facing hard times. Be prepared to be a helper.


The opportunity to be a helper may come in a physical situation, like providing supplies, or in an emotional situation, like being a good listener or a soothing friend. Be prepared to be a helper in the spiritual realm as well. Be prepared to be able to send massive amounts of light and love wherever it needs to go. Be prepared to hold prayers for those who are struggling. Plan ahead for the month of April to be a time when you take very good care of yourself. Keep your calendar relatively empty. Do not book appointments that involve giving a lot of yourself, because you will be called to give a lot at the last minute in ways you did not expect. Plan ahead to have a lot of empty time or a lot of times when you will be doing self-care. April 2017 will be a time to keep a good exercise routine, a good regular meditation routine, and a lot of extra sleep. Plan your meals ahead so it is easy to get food throughout the month. It is likely you will be occupied helping with whatever comes up in the month, so make sure you have all of your basic needs attended to in very easy ways in advance.

In love and light, Jen

Akashic Transformations monthly message March 2017


The energy this month is focused around the concept of strength. This is a time to foster a deep and resounding sense of strength within yourself. This will be hard work, yet it can be incredibly exciting. This month has much positive energy. There is forward and upward motion, and there is so much that can be accomplished this month. This will be true in your personal lives, in your social lives, and in political life. It looks like everything starts moving forward. It may be somewhat forceful, but really this energy resides within each of you, so it comes more like strength.


This is a time to explore and reach for and build strength at every level in your life, including your body, your mind, your emotions, in the way you talk, and in your relationships. It includes the way you engage in your social life and how you engage in civic life. It is time to explore a sense of strength. The energy here is meant to feel good, like a release with stability. It feels so good. It is like the feeling when you are about to jump up and reach for something and you know you can reach it. It is like that feeling when you bend your knees and you put your feet on the ground and there is no question you are going to reach your goal. In that moment you feel excited to leap, and that is the feeling of March 2017.

In Love and light, Jen

Akashic Transformations: February 2017

The feeling of the month is like a rush of energy. The hard work of the year really begins in February. This will come as a relief for many, as you will finally begin to understand what work you wish to do. There has been much unknown and in question, and a lot of change that did not make sense in the last few months. Now, finally, you will find that things make sense after much confusion. New plans will begin to fall into place, and though much struggle lies ahead, it will start to feel workable.