Akashic Transformations April message

What energy and experiences can we expect in April 2019?

The energy this month compresses. Everything moves inward from all directions into a single point. It may feel like an implosion. You can think of the energy this month as a black hole, though without dire implications. There is the sense of much emptiness, that everything comes down to one single thing. There is a sense of a vacuum. You will be feeling yourself being pulled inward.

This month, pay attention to the feeling of being pulled. This will be like being pressured to do something, or feeling anxious about meeting a deadline, or guilty about what you think you should or should not be doing. Whenever you feel that sense of pull from the world around you, pause. Whenever you feel like something is not quite right, pause. Notice the feeling and consider that what begins as something pulling you to do something in the world, is actually an inward pull, which it is actually pulling you inward.

It really feels like everything this month is trying to draw you into the center of yourself as if you are calling yourself home in a very compelling way. Nothing will work for you this month unless you address the deepest part of yourself. Whenever a problem arises, whenever a question comes to the surface, ask yourself “What is this within me?” “What is calling from deep within me?” “What needs to be answered between me and myself?” It is a very self-centered month in a good way.

If you commit to and continue to perform an ongoing personal inquiry throughout the month, things become very simple. What appears as a broad series of events or challenges will all boil down to one simple thing. There is a primary theme, a primary question, or some kind of originating wound in your life that will provide the answer and solution for all the events unfolding for you. If you will keep asking yourself questions like, “What is pulling within me?” and “What do I need to do for myself?” you will find that almost everything happening in your life boils down to one simple thing.

You will find a new theme emerges or an old theme comes back. A theme that organizes all of the other things you are doing in your life. It is a very exciting month, but it is also challenging. This feeling of being pulled is going to be difficult to manage in a lot of different ways. Just remember, when it seems you are being pulled out into the

world, consider what you are being pulled inward to understand about yourself.

In Love and Light


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Akashic Transformations March message

The energy this month is expansive, playful, and challenging. It feels like standing in an open field during a windstorm with your arms wide open, laughing with your mouth open, letting the rush of energy come through you.

It is a stormy month. There is a sense of being challenged and it will bring a great deal of change. Things are moving, and the motion brings a positive sensation. Nothing is wrong, there is simply much that needs to shift. If you will be very open in March, this could be an exhilarating and fruitful time. If fear comes in and you constrict, it will become very painful and challenging.

This month brings us back to the fundamental choice between love and fear. Everything you do is based in either love or fear. It is not possible to be motivated by both, though you might feel both emotions at the same time. Your fundamental motivation is either one or the other -- never neither and never both. This month, when you make a decision, when you choose what to say, when you approach a new problem -- everything you do, bring it back to these questions: “Am I doing this for love or am I doing this for fear?” When you want to clear way fear that may be motivating you, ask, “Am I doing this to protect myself or to ensure someone will love me?” If so, you may be feeling love but be motivated by fear. Even if you love someone, you might be afraid someone will not love you and your actions will be guided by that fear.

The way to know when love is your fundamental motivation is that love is when you are so filled with joy it bursts out of you without any expectation of reciprocity. When you give without question of what you will get back, you are motivated by love. Love is when you enjoy it so much or you feel so good doing it or it resonates so deeply with you it just feels right when you do it. On the other hand, fear tends to lead you to a transaction in which you are giving so you can take, or trying to ensure your safety in some way.

This month, return over and over again to the question of love or fear. As you practice this throughout the month, you will find moments of pure exhilaration. You will find that what looks turbulent and impossible, suddenly comes together in the most elegant way. There is such joy available this month. Love without fear is the most important energy to harness at this time...

In love and Light


Akashic Transformations February message

Akashic Records of February 2019

Jen Eramith

What energy and experiences can we expect in February 2019?

The energy this month is fast and light. It swirls around in different directions, yet it continues to move forward. You might picture a river with many large rocks in it creating eddies and pools. There is a sense that every drop of water will eventually make its way down, but there is much stopping and going backward, circling and changing course. You will find when you set a goal and move directly forward in a linear fashion, you will become lost and frustrated this month. Whereas, if you will set a goal in a looser way and let life lead you in that direction, you will find yourself eventually achieving the goal and also gathering valuable experiences along the way.

It will be important this month that you be open to new experiences and that you be very patient with yourself and with others. You will begin things and they will not go as expected, and you will circle back and begin again. It is a bit like going through physical therapy after an injury. You have been wounded and all of your old wounds have come up. This has been a very difficult several years on planet earth, and all of you have your wounds right in front of you. This month is a little bit like the process of physical therapy where you have to must make small incremental moves forward and be willing to start again and be patient with starting again and find a way of being at peace with small achievements. That will be the best way for you to approach the energy of February.

In addition to what we have said, there is also a very loving, playful, giggling energy this month. Amidst the frustrations of having to start again and having to circle back over and over, there is a chance for a lot of fun. Imagine yourself to be like a fairy going through physical therapy or a small

child playing a game. You get lost, you start over, and that is just part of the fun.

In love and light


Akashic Transformations January message

What energy and experiences can we expect in January 2019? The energy this month is difficult to describe. The overall feeling includes a suffocating silence. There is a feeling of being underwater where you cannot hear or see anything clearly. It is a peaceful, muffled feeling of disappearing or receding into the distance. Another way to describe the energy of this month is the feeling from opiate or narcotic drugs in which things seem foggy or cloudy, and you feel very still inside. Despite this drugged feeling, the energetic potential for the month is that much will happen.

There is a feeling that much will occur amidst the underlying feeling of suffocation or disappearing. There is also a sense of vulnerability in the month. Imagine a newborn baby mouse – blind and tender, yet surrounded by activity. It will be very important that you take good care of yourself and you take very good care of others in this foggy, vulnerable time. Another metaphor for the month is that of being stuck in concrete. There is a sense that you cannot really get where you want to go or do what you want to do. It is not like being stuck in a trap; it is not like being blocked by a wall or an obstacle. It is that you cannot really drag yourself out of your own passivity.

There will be many opportunities for you to judge yourselves and others harshly. Many of you will find yourselves thinking things like, “What is wrong with me? Why can I not be more productive? Why am I so lazy?” You will find an ongoing mental chatter around how hard it is to get things done or to move toward your goals. It will be important to remind yourself that many of the struggles you face this month come from something greater than you. The sluggish and confusing energy you are facing is not your fault -- even if you generally have patterns of laziness or procrastination.

At least for this month, you will be overwhelmed by this overarching energy and you can step aside and stop blaming yourself. It is as if the cosmos is putting you all under anesthesia for a month. It is as if the universe is conspiring to give you a rest. You will see much happening. You will see people making decisions, mistakes being made, and plot points unfolding throughout the month. Many of you will feel ineffective as you strive to participate in these activities. For this month, watch and learn to accept a limited participation. Be sure to forgive yourself along the way for not being able to do all that you can do. This is a time for rest, for forgiveness, and to give yourself a break from your ongoing struggles. -

Akashic Transformations September message

What energy and experiences can we expect in December 2018?

This month has a sharp, angular energy that is crystal clear. It looks like an icicle hanging from the eaves of a building. There is a feeling that ideas, emotions, words, thoughts, and more will have a sharp edge. That sharp edge is a newfound communal commitment to the truth. It is composed of humanity collectively having dropped one layer of self-deception. You are collectively experiencing disillusionment. This can feel disappointing and sad or scary, but it is truly a great freedom to let go of the illusions that you have been operating under and to operate more clearly from a place of truth. Disillusionment is the foundation for liberation as well as for enlightenment.

This month, assume that every word, every emotion, and every idea will have an edge of cutting clarity. If you are prepared for that, you can appreciate the beauty of it. Prepare by deciding to keep your emotions removed from your endeavors. This is not a time for hurt feelings. It is not a time for thin skin. It is not a time to explore your deepest emotions and heal, but instead it is a time to exchange ideas and learn together. This month, let hurt feelings arise and then pass through you like a brief storm rather than clinging to your feelings as a form of information. It is fine to have feelings, it is important to have feelings, but this month is a month of ideas.

Continue to find a place to nurture your emotional selves aside from the place where you are discussing, debating and creatively exchanging ideas with others. If you will do that this month, it will be so much fun. There is so much fun to be had with one another as you learn to laugh at your problems together, as you learn to say what you really mean.

In love and light,


Akashic Transformations August message



What energy and experiences can we expect in August 2018? 

  The energy this month swings back and forth – and sometimes swings in all directions. If you remember the metaphor for July as a tornado or hurricane spinning around, now you have a broken sign swinging from its post in the remnant wind from the storm. The potential for the month will feel as if you are swinging, and with every swing you face a new direction. Your outlook will change moment by moment. 

 The changes you experience this month will be erratic and it may be difficult to find a sense of rhythm or to establish your pace. You will find that time seems to go quickly and then suddenly very slowly. You will find that optimism comes easily and then suddenly you are in despair. Productivity will come and go and it will not happen in a rhythmic way that you can rely upon. You will need to be adaptable. Work with what comes up rather than setting expectations or trying to force things to be different than they are. You will find some days are incredibly productive, light, easy, and fun. You will find other days will be very difficult, slow, and sluggish. You will find one day a certain person will be fun to be around and then the next day they will be difficult. You will find yourself changing moods quite rapidly and you will find other people doing the same. So be adaptable. Do not waste time by trying to make things different than they are. 

 As you go through the enlightenment process, this month offers a golden opportunity for you to explore how to adjust to rapid change. This will include learning how better to read your environment, to sense the truth of what is present for you in the moment, and then work with it rather than pretending it is not there or trying to force it to be something that it is not. If you can do these things, the swinging motion of the month can offer quite a fun ride. If you continue to try to make things something other than what they truly are, then you will find yourselves feeling disoriented, frustrated, and maybe even scared. You cannot afford to be in denial. The world is changing rapidly, and you are called to participate in making the world more filled with love than ever before. You must face this work, roll up your sleeves, and engage as the changes occur. Do not wait for things to slow down or become easy before you participate. 

In love and light


Akashic Transformations July message

This month has a spinning energy; everything moves around in circles and cycles. The feeling is that things spin quite rapidly like a tornado. But the energy is also very soft, as if it is padded or you are wearing protective gear. You can imagine the energy of this month as a whirling dervish in a room full of pillows. While much will happen and much will change, and it may be difficult to find your way this month, it looks like you are protected.   

If you can get your bearings enough to enjoy it, this energy will bring many opportunities for fun. Yet no matter how hard you try and no matter how well you do, there will be times this month when you feel profoundly disoriented. There will be times when you feel you have spun around for too long and then you cannot stand up properly or you get sick. You may even experience a dizzy feeling this month.

The sense of disorientation will appear in both in your personal lives and in the collective world. You will see that it will be difficult, even impossible, to choose a path and move forward with it. As soon as you get your bearings and take a step forward, everything will change. You will come around a new corner and everything will look different.

The primary thing that will serve you this month is to be as adaptable as you possibly can. Change, then look again and change again, then look again and change again, and so forth. This is an opportunity for you to practice being on an accelerated enlightenment path. The ability to change without losing your sense of self is central to being an enlightened being. This is like a master class in exploring how to change without being attached to things staying the way you thought they should be, and yet to retain a sense of self to continually come back to who you truly are, what you truly believe, what is really most important to you. You must continually return to those things over and over again without becoming defensive, reactionary, angry, or bitter. Seek to find a sense of elegance and grace as you spin around and around...

In love and light


Akashic Transformations June Message

Akashic Records of June 2018

What energy and experiences can we expect in June 2018? 

The energy this month is expansive and supportive. There is a feeling as if you have just climbed a staircase and you are stepping onto a new level. It will take you a minute to get your bearings as you enter this new landscape. You can expect to feel elevated, supported, and somewhat excited this month. Yet there is a sense that you may be overwhelmed by loads of information at one time. There is a lot to take in. 

It will be important to move slowly and take every opportunity you can to view a broader picture. Take time to reflect on your experiences at the end of the day. Ask a lot of questions and just sit back to listen to the answers. Occasionally pull away from the details and look around you. Consider a broader context for everything you experience this month. Overall, the energy is very loving, nurturing, and supportive. This new landscape looks and feels like a green meadow filled with wildflowers and sunlight. There is much to enjoy here, but it can be a little overwhelming when you first step out into the open. 

In Love and Light

Jen Eramith

Akashic Transformations April message

What energy and experiences can we expect in April 2018?

The energy this month moves like a freefall. The feeling is that everything is moving very quickly and there is nothing you can grab onto. The things that you usually use to make the world make sense will not be available. The people you ask for advice will not be helpful. The rituals and practices you turn to will not work the way they usually do. The places you go for information or answers will not provide what you are looking for. You will find the feeling of sliding down a surface so slippery that you cannot grab onto anything. A slide like this can be joyful or terrifying, and you may find both emotions arising strongly this month.

This is a time to practice extreme grace in the face of fear. So much fear will come up for many of you. You are sliding in a direction that will ultimately lead you exactly where you need to be for your highest good, yet the journey requires a great deal of trust. It is as if someone pressed the accelerator button on your life, and there is no turning back until you get to the end of it. Rather than try to steer your path this month, you will need to just ride it out until you reach a natural ebbing point.

For April, the number one thing for you to do is to work with fear. Look at it, feel it, embrace it, and then be bigger than your fear. Do not resist it, do not ignore it, and do not pretend that it is not there. Resistance will allow your fear the chance to overcome and overwhelm you. Instead, face your fear. Look right at the thing you are most afraid of, take a deep breath, and choose to be bigger than that fear. Find a way to be a bigger, more generous, more gracious person than the thing you are afraid of. Do that again and again, every day, throughout the month of April.

Also, take very good care of your body and your own life. Just as if you were sliding down a slide, try to stay centered. Take deep breaths, pay attention to the things that matter most to you, and nurture the parts of your life that really matter. Try your best to let go of the things you cannot control or the things that you do not care about deeply. This is also a wonderful time to refine your focus and make sure that you are placing your focus on the things that matter most to you. It is a time to clean up your priorities and simplify the way you spend your time and energy. You cannot afford to have your attention stray this month.

Akashic Transformations March message

What energy and experiences can we expect in March of 2018?

The energy this month is dichotomous. The sense of the energy is that it is both hard and soft, or both fixed and mutable, at the same time. Imagine a huge boulder in the middle of a river. The energy this month is both the boulder and the river. You will find that some things will feel immovable, while others seem to move very quickly -- maybe even too quickly. The challenge throughout the month will be how to recognize which is which, and how to reconcile the two in everyday life.

You may find that the thing you want to move quickly does, or the thing you want to stay still will stay still. But you will also notice that there will be some things you wish would slow down and they seem to move too fast, or some things you wish would move and they seem stuck. You will find that there will not be much you can do about the nature of how things are moving or not moving.

The way to work with the energy this month is to notice your preference and then let it go. Work on letting go of expectations, or letting go of your attachments to how things unfold. If you practice this throughout the month, you will be able to work with things as they are and be far more effective. Whereas if you cling to your preferences and try to make things different from the way they are this month, you will waste energy and emotion, and you will be ineffective. A key to this month is acceptance.

Another key to the month is adaptability. In fact, the entire month could be seen as a dance between you and the changes around you. You accept the situation and then you adapt to the situation, then you accept the next situation and you adapt to that situation, and on and on. It is a little bit like walking -- as you go back and forth, step by step, you move forward through the month.

In Love and light


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Jen Eramith

We are pleased to introduce you to Jen Eramith, a highly valued new contributor to the Kryon UK pages. Her monthly channelled messages can be usefully applied, to beneficial effect, as she describes what ‘energies’ we can expect to experience for the given month. She may also advise certain physical activities or stratagy to help and support us in traversing the month with ease and grace. 

Jen is a channel for the Akashic records which she accesses in order to help us expand our own individual connection to spirit, to help us navigate our path through life. If you wish to know more, you can also subscribe to the full-version of the monthly messages via Jen’s website: http://akashictransformations.com 

Enjoy the latest message…

Akashic Transformations February message

The energy this month moves upward. It is a response to what you have experienced in January of 2018. The feeling is that you are like a slingshot or a bow-and-arrow suddenly released forward. You might also imagine you are like a spring suddenly releasing upward. There is a feeling of suddenness, and many of you might be feeling startled this month.

This is a time when the difference between love and fear will completely define your experience. If you feed your fearful thoughts and you constrict with fear, then you may find yourself stumbling. The tightness of fear will cause you to metaphorically bump into things and get hurt. Making mistakes, getting into conflicts, and running into roadblocks will tell you that you need to cease your focus on fear.

On the other hand, if you can embrace a sense of love and build love in every possible way then you can meet your challenges with a sense of fun. It will serve you to cultivate a sense of faith in yourself and faith in your fellow humans. Things will be sudden and surprising, but you will be able to laugh along with the changes and your experience of reality will be completely different if you can cultivate love rather than fear. Of course, some days it is easier than others to choose love over fear, but make it an ongoing practice to try as well as you can to build a sense of love instead of fear in your life, especially this month.

This is a time when your intentions will have a radically powerful impact on what happens. You will need to be more careful than ever with your intentions this month, which is a good way to harness the power of karma in the year 2018. This is a time to be incredibly intentional. Review your thoughts, your words and your actions, and make sure they all line up with who you truly wish to be. Everything you intend will have a profound result, so be careful. Just as if you were holding a bow-and-arrow, be careful where you aim before you release the spring.

In Love and light


Akashic Transformations January Message

What energy and experiences can we expect in January 2018?

The energy this month brings a sense of being flattened or spread broadly. It is not as if you have been stomped or harmed, but more like you have been gently pressed into a new form. The feeling is that things are lower -- there are fewer possibilities and there is less room to move. Imagine lying underneath a mattress. You are not being crushed to death. In fact, it may be a little bit reassuring or comfortable. But you cannot move much, and you cannot see farther than the tip of your nose. In the same say, you will not be able to get much done and you will not be able to make many choices. When you try to make choices, the range of possibilities available will be very small. When you make a choice, you will not be able to act on it quickly or effectively.

This month brings a sense of silence. The sense is that the sound of the universe is muffled. Another way you can imagine the energy of this month is like paint with a matte finish. There is less of a shine on everything. Despair may come up this month, and some of you may feel depressed or hopeless. When these feelings arise, take it as an opportunity to rest, slow down, and be tender with yourself. Do not read too much into a feeling of despair that may arise this month. These emotions seem to indicate a response to the oppressive energy, and less a sign that something is going wrong.

The best thing to do this month will be to take one task at a time, and one day at a time. Let yourself move through each day -- one event, one breath, and one moment at a time. As you move through time, you will develop a new rhythm. There is a beauty and a sense of surrender when you accept the limitations that surround you, rather than fighting to resist or change them. That is the wisdom contained in the month of January 2018.

In love and light


Akashic Transformations December message

What energy and experiences can we expect in December 2017? 

The energy this month is filled with kindness. It offers a sense of a floating and moving through water. You will find a feeling of fluidity. Things that have been stuck for a long time might move more easily, but they will not move in a linear way. This month, everything moves in a floating, ambiguous way.  

This will be a time to practice surrender and having faith in the processes that underlie your endeavors. This is a time to practice relaxing into the work you engage. Imagine if you were trying to float in the water -- if you hold yourself still or try to stiffly, you sink. Floating in the water requires that you relax and expand – that you take a deep breath and surrender to your surroundings. This is the way to work with the energy of this month. 

It is in surrender that you will find incredible kindness, compassion, and generosity this month. You will find it useful to practice trust. Actively engage in trusting your friends, the people around you, your spirit guides, and your surroundings. Actively allow people to support you and allow your environment to support you. Gratitude will serve you in terms of helping you put your mind on the feeling of trust or the feeling of knowing that you are supported. 

In love and light


Akashic Transformations November message

What energy and experiences can we expect in November 2017?

The energy of this month looks like an inverted whirlpool. It is just like a small whirlpool as it goes down the bathtub drain, yet it is inverted so the energy is moving upward. In the same way that a whirlpool develops, everything begins with a general sense of turning. Just as if you were floating in water and you began to go down a whirlpool, the first thing you would notice is a change in perspective as you begin to turn very slowly. One moment you are facing one direction, the next moment you are facing another direction – and before you know it, things have changed again until you seem to be right back where you started. This will happen again and again through the month of November -- a feeling that you are moving into new directions before you can adjust to each new perspective.

Many people will feel disoriented this month. The things you usually do to make sense of your life will be less reliable. The moment you feel like you have gotten your bearings, things have changed again and you will have to readjust. This will occur over and over again in November. It will serve you to change your daily rituals and habits in order to help you move with the changes happening around you. Open ways to see things with a fresh perspective each day.

The other feeling that will come with the inverted whirlpool is a sense of moving upward. Not only are you adjusting to a new perspective as you spin around, but you are also adjusting to a higher perspective in that your vision keeps shifting into bigger issues. When you have a challenge at one level, it will then appear at a higher level. It will find a broader reach, and you will see it with a perspective that reaches farther beyond your personal life than ever before. You will find that you develop a better sense of outlook. You will be able to see farther ahead than you ever have before and you will become more aware than usual of extended outcomes. This will lead you to become more aware than ever of your interconnectedness with everyone and everything. You will be able to foresee how your actions will lead to a series of consequences rather than a single consequence. Having a higher perspective is wonderful, because it gives you a broader view and helps you make wiser decisions. But it can also be overwhelming. You have more information to absorb and process.

With these two dynamics in mind, it will be important for all of you to move slowly and take time to consider about what is happening in your life. Review and reflect upon your experiences each day in order to help you shift into a deeper wisdom. It will be very important this month to avoid distraction, but instead to keep your mind at the task at hand or on the issues that are happening in your real life. Overall, this energy is helping you become the person you most want to be. Yet, the energy this month it is happening in a very rapid and disorienting way.

In love and light


Akashic Transformations October message

Akashic Transformations: October 2017

What energy and experiences can we expect in October 2017? 

The energy this month is optimistic and productive. Everything is out in the open. There are few places left to keep a secret this month. If there are secrets hiding in your life at this point, they are certainly going to come to light one way or another.  

Now you have a clear sense of what you are working with and a clear sense of what to do about it. The feeling is like you all have been working hard together and now you are starting to get a rhythm for the work and you are able to laugh with one another. The work is hard, but there is the feeling you are all in it together and there is great optimism that comes. There is a sense of goodwill and camaraderie available this month.  

The energy this month can also be seen as the time in a marathon when you begin to experience endorphins and have a “runner’s high.” If you think of the past year as a race, you have been working hard with both personal and collective challenges. Now you have developed a rhythm and pace. Your body, your mind, and your spirit are able to settle into that rhythm and enjoy it.  

This is an excellent time to work with others. It is a time to jump right into whatever tasks you are engaged with. The energy this month supports you in every way you can imagine. The energy this month does not remove or lessen the challenge; instead it offers support so that you can rise to the challenge. 

In Love and light, Jen

Akashic Transformations September message

What energy and experiences can we expect in September 2017?

The energy this month is clear. There is a sense of honesty and of being forthright that emerges this month. This is not to say that things are quiet; in fact, this is a very active month. And yet there is clarity resounding through the entire time period. This clarity has a sweeping energy. Clear perspective sweeps through, almost like a hurricane clearing everything out of its path.

This month brings an opportunity to sees things for what they really are more than ever before. There is no more room for denial. There is no room for tolerating deception, and no reward for being sneaky this month. Nothing sneaky will work. The only thing that will work well this month is honesty.

You can expect to engage in the difficult process of facing a truth that you have been ignoring, or a truth that was previously hidden from you. Many of you will feel betrayed as you realise things are not what they seemed, or something you believed was never true. It will be important to have compassion with yourself and with others. Even if you are frustrated with one another, try your best to offer compassion and understanding as people wake up and realise things that you may have known for a long time.

This sweeping clarity may be difficult, but it is also profoundly reassuring. It is the feeling when you finally sit down and get to work on something you had avoided. It is a relief to rise above the dread of procrastination. The hard work is before you, and yet there is something clean, clear, and restful in your mind when the struggle is over and you start working. This is the energy available for you in September 2017.

In love and light, Jen

Akashic Transformations August message

Akashic Transformations: August 2017

By Jen Eramith

 What energy and experiences can we expect in August 2017?

 The energy moves quickly this month. It is like a fast-moving river or a big wind blowing. Yet time moves slowly this month, so it may feel like this month goes on forever. There is potential for so much to occur as energy moves quickly and time moves slowly -- so there is even more time to get things done. This can be a very productive month for many of you. It can be an optimistic, enlightening, and exhilarating month. Everything is out in the open this month.

Amidst all that fast-moving energy, there is a stronger potential for crashing. While some of you will soar through the entire month, many will find yourselves crashing into things every now and then. At an individual level, this means that you may enter conflicts that seem bigger than usual or more important than usual. You may run into a roadblock when trying to get something done, or you may have something physically happen in your life that stops you in your tracks. This will be different for everyone.

There is no need to fear. Your individual life is choreographed by your spirit beings and your loved ones. You will have the crashes that you need to help you redirect yourself and learn the lessons that you need, just like always. It is just that this month’s energy is bigger and faster so the crashes will be more obvious. When things are going well, it will feel especially good this month. When things go wrong, they are going to go wrong dramatically. Everything is more obvious in August 2017 because things are bigger and there is a sweeping energy.

In love and light, Jen


Akashic Transformations July Message

What energy and experiences can we expect in July 2017?


The energy this month rushes upward suddenly. It is as if you are watching an eagle flying through the air when it catches an updraft. There is a sense that everything lifts up at once. Whether you are trying to or not, you are going to lift up, too. Everyone is lifting up. Uplift can be a wonderful experience. Lifting up is typically a metaphor for something that you would want to happen. Yet just like an eagle in a sudden updraft, if you are not ready it can be disorienting or even damaging.

The best thing you can do with the energy this month is to prepare yourself to be lifted. Assume that whatever turbulence you encounter this month is simply part of the process of being lifted up. If you will allow yourself to be lifted, you will find two things occur. One, you will find a great sense of relief and joy as you are able to see farther than ever before and move up toward a greater sense lightness. And, two, as you see farther you will become aware of things you could not see before – and this ma be difficult. You will have to face some things that you have previously been ignoring.

Consider how this month fits into the energy of the year and the work of peacebuilding. This is the time when anyone who has been avoiding their work as a peacebuilder will be forced to comprehend and face the big picture that you are all a part of. You cannot avoid seeing how the world is changing and the ways that everyone is interconnected. This will become so apparent this month that no one will be able to avoid their peacebuilding work. You will all need to participate in one way or another. This is a month when denial becomes less possible than ever before.

In Love and Light, Jen

Akashic Transformations June message

What energy and experiences can we expect in June 2017?

The energy this month is pushy. There is a great deal of movement and a sense of being compelled or pressured. This pertains to physical and emotional movement. It also includes movement within your social circles, and through your profession. There is a feeling that none of you can fit where you have been before. You must move. It is an imperative.

Resistance is one of the primary themes you will work with this month. Because there is such a pushy energy, many of you will feel an initial resistance to moving, yet moving is what you must do. Throughout the month ask yourself, “What is trying to happen? What do I want to have happen? What am I afraid of? And how can I move?” If you will ask yourself those four questions, you will be able to rhythmically step forward one foot at a time throughout the month.

For some of you, the movements will be sudden and surprising. For some it will be a long, slow series of changes. There is no question that all of you are going to move in significant ways in June, whether you want to or not. If you resist moving in ways that your life is trying to shift you, then you are going to need to have a sudden, difficult movement. Whereas, if you ask yourself questions and try to take steps forward throughout the month, then you will find that you can find some more grace and ease and even a little bit of sense of control about the movements that you are making. There is a sense of urgency in the energy this month, but it doesn’t need to lead to difficulty.