Akashic Transformations November message

What energy and experiences can we expect in November 2017?

The energy of this month looks like an inverted whirlpool. It is just like a small whirlpool as it goes down the bathtub drain, yet it is inverted so the energy is moving upward. In the same way that a whirlpool develops, everything begins with a general sense of turning. Just as if you were floating in water and you began to go down a whirlpool, the first thing you would notice is a change in perspective as you begin to turn very slowly. One moment you are facing one direction, the next moment you are facing another direction – and before you know it, things have changed again until you seem to be right back where you started. This will happen again and again through the month of November -- a feeling that you are moving into new directions before you can adjust to each new perspective.

Many people will feel disoriented this month. The things you usually do to make sense of your life will be less reliable. The moment you feel like you have gotten your bearings, things have changed again and you will have to readjust. This will occur over and over again in November. It will serve you to change your daily rituals and habits in order to help you move with the changes happening around you. Open ways to see things with a fresh perspective each day.

The other feeling that will come with the inverted whirlpool is a sense of moving upward. Not only are you adjusting to a new perspective as you spin around, but you are also adjusting to a higher perspective in that your vision keeps shifting into bigger issues. When you have a challenge at one level, it will then appear at a higher level. It will find a broader reach, and you will see it with a perspective that reaches farther beyond your personal life than ever before. You will find that you develop a better sense of outlook. You will be able to see farther ahead than you ever have before and you will become more aware than usual of extended outcomes. This will lead you to become more aware than ever of your interconnectedness with everyone and everything. You will be able to foresee how your actions will lead to a series of consequences rather than a single consequence. Having a higher perspective is wonderful, because it gives you a broader view and helps you make wiser decisions. But it can also be overwhelming. You have more information to absorb and process.

With these two dynamics in mind, it will be important for all of you to move slowly and take time to consider about what is happening in your life. Review and reflect upon your experiences each day in order to help you shift into a deeper wisdom. It will be very important this month to avoid distraction, but instead to keep your mind at the task at hand or on the issues that are happening in your real life. Overall, this energy is helping you become the person you most want to be. Yet, the energy this month it is happening in a very rapid and disorienting way.

In love and light