Akashic Transformations: February 2017

What energy and experiences can we expect in February 2017? 

The feeling of the month is like a rush of energy. The hard work of the year really begins in February. This will come as a relief for many, as you will finally begin to understand what work you wish to do. There has been much unknown and in question, and a lot of change that did not make sense in the last few months. Now, finally, you will find that things make sense after much confusion. New plans will begin to fall into place, and though much struggle lies ahead, it will start to feel workable. 

There are two things that will be important this month. One is to be willing to see things for what they are and to accept them for what they are. Keep your eyes wide open. The second is to be willing to roll up your sleeves and get the work done. If you are willing to do both, this could be an invigorating month that brings us a sense of relief. If you are not willing to do either or both, then you will find yourself feeling left behind, paralyzed, and overwhelmed. 

The key for this month is to step up, take a deep breath and take life by the handles. This is in regard to big collective changes, and also in regard to all the small things in your life. This is an excellent time to deal with problems you have been putting off or problems that have felt overwhelming. It is time to finally decide what you need to get help with and ask for that help rather than trying to do it alone. Peacebuilding is work that you do together. You will have issues in your life this month that really push you to work together with others or to ask for help. Working together is a major theme of this month and this year. 

In love and light, Jen