Akashic Transformations April message

What energy and experiences can we expect in April 2017?

 The energy in this month is very intense. It looks like a sharp mountain peak with a steeply inclined path to the top. The summit is a teetering, precarious point with a steep slide down to the bottom. The energy of this month is volatile and difficult to see in advance. The way the month will unfold is very reactive to what has happened in February and March.


This month has an all-or-nothing configuration. On one path, it could be a very regular-seeming month with not much happening. On another path, everything you might imagine can happen. The worst things can happen or the best things could happen. Whether the intensity is obvious on the surface, nothing will be regular this month. The volatility of the energy will lead to profound shifting at every level.


The one thing that is certain about April 2017 is that it will be beneficial to be prepared for anything. Be prepared for an emergency in case you encounter an emergency. Be prepared to help your friends and neighbors through an emergency. Be prepared to help your loved ones if they face hard times, even if you are not facing hard times. Be prepared to be a helper.


The opportunity to be a helper may come in a physical situation, like providing supplies, or in an emotional situation, like being a good listener or a soothing friend. Be prepared to be a helper in the spiritual realm as well. Be prepared to be able to send massive amounts of light and love wherever it needs to go. Be prepared to hold prayers for those who are struggling. Plan ahead for the month of April to be a time when you take very good care of yourself. Keep your calendar relatively empty. Do not book appointments that involve giving a lot of yourself, because you will be called to give a lot at the last minute in ways you did not expect. Plan ahead to have a lot of empty time or a lot of times when you will be doing self-care. April 2017 will be a time to keep a good exercise routine, a good regular meditation routine, and a lot of extra sleep. Plan your meals ahead so it is easy to get food throughout the month. It is likely you will be occupied helping with whatever comes up in the month, so make sure you have all of your basic needs attended to in very easy ways in advance.

In love and light, Jen