Akashic Transformations May message

What energy and experiences can we expect in May 2017?

The energy this month is like the feeling of people holding hands across the world. There is a feeling of togetherness, and of being stronger when you work together than when you are when you work alone. This month, the idea that humanity is greater than the sum of its parts is central to everything you will do. The energy supports working together, and a push for strength in a united way. There is a feeling of getting along with each other better than you have before. You may find that there are more openings to resolve conflicts, create understanding, or build partnerships than there have been recently. There is really a nice feeling of togetherness during the month.

But that image of humanity holding hands across the world is not a prediction. We cannot predict that this will happen, though there is certainly potential for it. The image is a metaphor for the energy. Whether or not people actually are able to hold hands across the world will be a matter of what you all choose to do. You can choose to take this energy and build togetherness, but it is not something that will just come to you automatically.

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In love and light, Jen