Akashic Transformations July Message

What energy and experiences can we expect in July 2017?


The energy this month rushes upward suddenly. It is as if you are watching an eagle flying through the air when it catches an updraft. There is a sense that everything lifts up at once. Whether you are trying to or not, you are going to lift up, too. Everyone is lifting up. Uplift can be a wonderful experience. Lifting up is typically a metaphor for something that you would want to happen. Yet just like an eagle in a sudden updraft, if you are not ready it can be disorienting or even damaging.

The best thing you can do with the energy this month is to prepare yourself to be lifted. Assume that whatever turbulence you encounter this month is simply part of the process of being lifted up. If you will allow yourself to be lifted, you will find two things occur. One, you will find a great sense of relief and joy as you are able to see farther than ever before and move up toward a greater sense lightness. And, two, as you see farther you will become aware of things you could not see before – and this ma be difficult. You will have to face some things that you have previously been ignoring.

Consider how this month fits into the energy of the year and the work of peacebuilding. This is the time when anyone who has been avoiding their work as a peacebuilder will be forced to comprehend and face the big picture that you are all a part of. You cannot avoid seeing how the world is changing and the ways that everyone is interconnected. This will become so apparent this month that no one will be able to avoid their peacebuilding work. You will all need to participate in one way or another. This is a month when denial becomes less possible than ever before.

In Love and Light, Jen