Akashic Transformations October message

Akashic Transformations: October 2017

What energy and experiences can we expect in October 2017? 

The energy this month is optimistic and productive. Everything is out in the open. There are few places left to keep a secret this month. If there are secrets hiding in your life at this point, they are certainly going to come to light one way or another.  

Now you have a clear sense of what you are working with and a clear sense of what to do about it. The feeling is like you all have been working hard together and now you are starting to get a rhythm for the work and you are able to laugh with one another. The work is hard, but there is the feeling you are all in it together and there is great optimism that comes. There is a sense of goodwill and camaraderie available this month.  

The energy this month can also be seen as the time in a marathon when you begin to experience endorphins and have a “runner’s high.” If you think of the past year as a race, you have been working hard with both personal and collective challenges. Now you have developed a rhythm and pace. Your body, your mind, and your spirit are able to settle into that rhythm and enjoy it.  

This is an excellent time to work with others. It is a time to jump right into whatever tasks you are engaged with. The energy this month supports you in every way you can imagine. The energy this month does not remove or lessen the challenge; instead it offers support so that you can rise to the challenge. 

In Love and light, Jen