Akashic Transformations February message

The energy this month moves upward. It is a response to what you have experienced in January of 2018. The feeling is that you are like a slingshot or a bow-and-arrow suddenly released forward. You might also imagine you are like a spring suddenly releasing upward. There is a feeling of suddenness, and many of you might be feeling startled this month.

This is a time when the difference between love and fear will completely define your experience. If you feed your fearful thoughts and you constrict with fear, then you may find yourself stumbling. The tightness of fear will cause you to metaphorically bump into things and get hurt. Making mistakes, getting into conflicts, and running into roadblocks will tell you that you need to cease your focus on fear.

On the other hand, if you can embrace a sense of love and build love in every possible way then you can meet your challenges with a sense of fun. It will serve you to cultivate a sense of faith in yourself and faith in your fellow humans. Things will be sudden and surprising, but you will be able to laugh along with the changes and your experience of reality will be completely different if you can cultivate love rather than fear. Of course, some days it is easier than others to choose love over fear, but make it an ongoing practice to try as well as you can to build a sense of love instead of fear in your life, especially this month.

This is a time when your intentions will have a radically powerful impact on what happens. You will need to be more careful than ever with your intentions this month, which is a good way to harness the power of karma in the year 2018. This is a time to be incredibly intentional. Review your thoughts, your words and your actions, and make sure they all line up with who you truly wish to be. Everything you intend will have a profound result, so be careful. Just as if you were holding a bow-and-arrow, be careful where you aim before you release the spring.

In Love and light