Akashic Transformations March message

What energy and experiences can we expect in March of 2018?

The energy this month is dichotomous. The sense of the energy is that it is both hard and soft, or both fixed and mutable, at the same time. Imagine a huge boulder in the middle of a river. The energy this month is both the boulder and the river. You will find that some things will feel immovable, while others seem to move very quickly -- maybe even too quickly. The challenge throughout the month will be how to recognize which is which, and how to reconcile the two in everyday life.

You may find that the thing you want to move quickly does, or the thing you want to stay still will stay still. But you will also notice that there will be some things you wish would slow down and they seem to move too fast, or some things you wish would move and they seem stuck. You will find that there will not be much you can do about the nature of how things are moving or not moving.

The way to work with the energy this month is to notice your preference and then let it go. Work on letting go of expectations, or letting go of your attachments to how things unfold. If you practice this throughout the month, you will be able to work with things as they are and be far more effective. Whereas if you cling to your preferences and try to make things different from the way they are this month, you will waste energy and emotion, and you will be ineffective. A key to this month is acceptance.

Another key to the month is adaptability. In fact, the entire month could be seen as a dance between you and the changes around you. You accept the situation and then you adapt to the situation, then you accept the next situation and you adapt to that situation, and on and on. It is a little bit like walking -- as you go back and forth, step by step, you move forward through the month.

In Love and light


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