Akashic Transformations June Message

Akashic Records of June 2018

What energy and experiences can we expect in June 2018? 

The energy this month is expansive and supportive. There is a feeling as if you have just climbed a staircase and you are stepping onto a new level. It will take you a minute to get your bearings as you enter this new landscape. You can expect to feel elevated, supported, and somewhat excited this month. Yet there is a sense that you may be overwhelmed by loads of information at one time. There is a lot to take in. 

It will be important to move slowly and take every opportunity you can to view a broader picture. Take time to reflect on your experiences at the end of the day. Ask a lot of questions and just sit back to listen to the answers. Occasionally pull away from the details and look around you. Consider a broader context for everything you experience this month. Overall, the energy is very loving, nurturing, and supportive. This new landscape looks and feels like a green meadow filled with wildflowers and sunlight. There is much to enjoy here, but it can be a little overwhelming when you first step out into the open. 

In Love and Light

Jen Eramith