Akashic Transformations April message

What energy and experiences can we expect in April 2019?

The energy this month compresses. Everything moves inward from all directions into a single point. It may feel like an implosion. You can think of the energy this month as a black hole, though without dire implications. There is the sense of much emptiness, that everything comes down to one single thing. There is a sense of a vacuum. You will be feeling yourself being pulled inward.

This month, pay attention to the feeling of being pulled. This will be like being pressured to do something, or feeling anxious about meeting a deadline, or guilty about what you think you should or should not be doing. Whenever you feel that sense of pull from the world around you, pause. Whenever you feel like something is not quite right, pause. Notice the feeling and consider that what begins as something pulling you to do something in the world, is actually an inward pull, which it is actually pulling you inward.

It really feels like everything this month is trying to draw you into the center of yourself as if you are calling yourself home in a very compelling way. Nothing will work for you this month unless you address the deepest part of yourself. Whenever a problem arises, whenever a question comes to the surface, ask yourself “What is this within me?” “What is calling from deep within me?” “What needs to be answered between me and myself?” It is a very self-centered month in a good way.

If you commit to and continue to perform an ongoing personal inquiry throughout the month, things become very simple. What appears as a broad series of events or challenges will all boil down to one simple thing. There is a primary theme, a primary question, or some kind of originating wound in your life that will provide the answer and solution for all the events unfolding for you. If you will keep asking yourself questions like, “What is pulling within me?” and “What do I need to do for myself?” you will find that almost everything happening in your life boils down to one simple thing.

You will find a new theme emerges or an old theme comes back. A theme that organizes all of the other things you are doing in your life. It is a very exciting month, but it is also challenging. This feeling of being pulled is going to be difficult to manage in a lot of different ways. Just remember, when it seems you are being pulled out into the

world, consider what you are being pulled inward to understand about yourself.

In Love and Light


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