Akashic Transformations August message

The energy this month feels like sliding down the inside of a bowl, across, and up to the other side. There is a feeling that you move in a big swooping motion. The beginning of the month has a sense of moving downward that may manifest as emotional depression or as a sense of relief as you let gravity pull you along. The middle of the month has a feeling that you are low, maybe you hit rock bottom or find a deep inner stillness. The end of the month will provide a sense of uplift that will not take too much effort -- it is like the momentum of the earlier slide is going to bring you up. You can look forward to an uplifting time at the end of the month. It is likely that you will feel things go smoothly and quickly through the month.

Another meaning in the metaphor of sweeping across a bowl is found in the fact that you will travel a long path to cover a short distance. If you draw a line from the top of the bowl across the top to the other side, that line is much shorter than the line required to follow the bottom of the bowl all the way around. In the same way, you will have to work a lot for very little this month. You will have to make many decisions to take one small step forward. You will need to rally a lot of energy and gather many people together to do just one thing. It will be necessary that you accept the work at hand, even if it is not fair, not efficient, or may not even seem useful at the time. It is the only way things will get done. This month provides an inefficient and long course.

In Love and light