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We are an esoteric, spiritual website centred on the channelled information presented through Lee Carroll in the form of Kryon whom he has described, simply, as a loving, spiritual energy. Lee has been ‘channelling’ Kryon since 1989. From that point to the present he has presented at seminars the world over and even addressed a special assembly at the United Nations on several occasions. 2014 saw Lee's first visit to the UK with both London and Birmingham seminars well attended. A tour of Ireland came next in 2017. Last year, though, was to be the most memorable of all:  a 3 week UK tour, taking in Scotland, The Lake District, Bath, Glastonbury and Stonehenge, and many other sacred sites too. Dr Todd Ovokaitys also hosted the 'Avalon Choir' in Bath and introduced us to the extraordinary Pineal Tones.

There is now a whole series of Kryon books available as well as Kryon-based lectures online. Lee Carroll has become recognised as one of the most prolific spiritual teachers of our time and he can now be found in the Watkins 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People list. His books have been translated into many languages and sold on many continents. We feel very honoured to present the beautiful messages of Kryon through the Official UK and Ireland website.

Kryon UK Picnic in The Park!

The very first Kryon UK Picnic in The Park was a great event and is scheduled to become an annual gathering for UK Kryonites and Kryonettes. We had 13 enthusiastic participants in July this year.. watch this space for our next meetup..

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Featured Articles

David Attenborough

David Attenborough

The Dalai Lama

Lee’s meeting with  The Dalai Lama

Lee’s meeting with The Dalai Lama

The House of Joy

The House of Joy

Lisajane Braun

Lisajane Braun’s artworks, inspired by the natural world.. and maybe Kryon too!

Lisajane Braun’s artworks, inspired by the natural world.. and maybe Kryon too!

The Magic of the Great Yew

The Magic of the Great Yew

Michelle Karen

Michelle Karen's Astrological forecast for July 2019

Michelle Karen's Astrological forecast for July 2019

New Kryon UK & Ireland Facebook discussion and news group

Kryonites and Kryonettes living in the UK now have a new

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Our global discussion group.. Kryon - Heaven’s

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Learn about the New Energy Tools!

2019 is definitely proving to be something very special and brings, yet again, new beginnings for us; some of these may even, at times, seem a little challenging - even for Lightworkers. The good news is that Malti Patel has taken some of the most significant and valuable channelled teachings from Kryon and set them out into succinct, easy-to-read sections to help you assimilate and implement them; assisting you in your endeavours to align with the New whilst, at the same time, releasing the Old. The Dark is in its final throes and its last struggles will be felt by the Old Souls first. The Light is winning and we need to do all we can to help by shining our own during this Great Shift of Consciousness.

 It is time! Please enjoy reading our New Energy Tools section

Kryon Explained

Kryon explained...as simply as possible!


Sacred Sites in the UK

Places of spiritual interest.