In recent years, Kryon has spoken about the new tools available to us now that the energy we are working with has changed. On this page, we will highlight some of these new energy tools so that you can begin to work with them. Initiate the desire to start working with these new 'tools'and they will enhance everything you do from this moment forward.

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Consciousness and Lifespan

Montreal , Canada, April 2018

In this channel Kryon gives us 4 ways in which our consciousness can keep us healthy and extend our life.
Kryon says the following:

"Can you reset the body clock by how you think and act? What you think controls when you're going to die. Why not extend it? Life expectancy is completely and totally controlled by consciousness. There'll be people that will argue - how can you think your way past disease? You're not getting it if you say this.
A higher consciousness human being will not catch the disease because a cellular structure will see it coming and know what to do about it - it will not attach itself. So consciousness has everything to do with diseases. Think about spontaneous remission - what power you have in the way you think."

Below are the 4 ways:

1. Laughter is one of the things that passes through the veil untouched. When you were a child you only worried about how long you could play, you'd laugh and be so joyous and innocent in everything you saw - the first snow, etc so magical.
If you don't have that now, you're body knows that and you won't live long. Find the child within and find the joy and laughter again. Find the inner child in everything you do, even in brand new situations where you may be fearful. Look at all the good things around and relate it back to your inner child.
Is there joy in  your life? Your body knows it - a joyless human who complains and doesn't expect much of the future attracts disease.

2. Who are you? You are a product often of what your parents said you were, who they said  you could be and could not. Were you told you could do anything or nothing? When you got old enough to make your own decisions, did you? Do you believe that you came here to suffer?
When you started to self-awaken, you started to figure out things for yourselves, away from what your parents said. Your body will react  to who you think you are. If you're nothing, you won't be with us that long, your body suffers if you think that.

What if you could say I am magnificent, I'm a creature of the central source, I have a soul in me that's going to last forever, I'm going to be here as long as appropriate - body are you listening? The body listens to you and you have more energy. You may even hear your cells have a meeting and say 'Did you hear that. We can chase away disease because the human is in charge.' The sacredness of you is in charge of you. If you're anything but magnificent, why is that? Who told you you're not?

3. What do you think about your past? Can you forgive everything that's happened to you in the past that would give you anxiety or hurt or heartbreak. What would your past sound like if you spoke to someone about? Awful? If you think that, you'll die sooner than you think!

But if you said there's been some challenges along the way and my magnificence got me through them all because I know where I'm from. Yes there were disappointments along the way, maybe even a betrayal or two but that is their problem not mine. I have recovered completely, I didn't suffer because I know who I am, I am magnificent - can you make that your past?

Rethink the way you talk to others about things that have happened to you and frame them in a positive way so that your body can listen to you and say you didn't come here to suffer. You may think you've suffered in the past but don't use that word and reframe it. You got through it because you're magnificent. and because you are you don't have to go through it again in any lifetime! You are evolving to something even greater. How do you think about your past?

4. How do you think about your future. If it's anything like the past it's not going to be very pleasant. You'll be going soon. People are so scared of the future sometimes that they won't go there and you're body is listening to this.

Do you know you're future? No, but can you send light in front of you everyday? Put light in front of you everyday, know tomorrow you have light - because I am a light worker and I am magnificent and I spread light wherever I walk, and my future will reflect that. And your body will go 'wow' and with that you're going to live a long time.

Your DNA is programmed to listen to consciousness. The genes that the DNA makes are programmed to listen to you. What are you telling them about the future - is it fearful? Can you reframe any challenges you'll go through to say I will walk into it with my light and come out of it just fine. I'm going to be here a long time.

What happens internally is there is a cellular structure advanced enough to be listening to a higher consciousness. Inside there is a system and process which even involves the immune system. It will change so that diseases won't attach to you. It knows you're working in the light, you have work to do and you're here for that. A cellular structure which knows you and will extend your life.

Using just these 4 things, you can extend your life and be healthy all the way to the end.

Working With Your Akash

Phoenix Arizona, March 2018

In this channel, Kryon gave information on working with your Akash so that negative experiences from your past lives don't take precedence over all the wonderful times that you had as well.

Below are transcriptions which you can use frequently to tell you Akash that you are now in charge!

“Dear beautiful Akash, which represents me and my Soul in so many expressions, in this new energy, I am in command.    

Dear Akash, that is me and represents the expressions of thousands of lives on this planet, look at the energy of today because I am in charge.    

Dear Akash, beautiful that you are because you are me and represent the one Soul that I have been for thousands of lifetimes on this Earth, know this, there is change and I am going to dictate it because I’m in charge.

The bottom line, I am in charge of me and for the first time I want you to listen up. I command benevolence in remembrance, I command that the Akash start to alter that which has been remembered lifetime after lifetime and I put a limiter on the drama, it is not allowed to invade the Light of my life.         

I put a limitation on all the negative things, all of the anger and the betrayal and the horror, I put a limiter. Oh it may be there, but it’s going to go in the dark.

I command that the negativity that is in my Akash and has been there, get in the back seat because I’m driving today. And there is no reason for it to be there because you see, I’m in charge of it all. It’s me talking.”

Speak to you Akash to tell it to now start focusing on all the positive things that have happened to you in past lifetimes :

"Dear Akash, beautiful and benevolent , you are me and I am you. Let all of the beauty and the joy and the wisdom which has occurred in thousands of lifetimes, the maturity of a soul, start to present itself in ways that will surprise me and I’ll smile.

In good things, in benevolent things, in expectations, let my Alashic record be the best thing that ever happened to me. And let my life reflect this day and this decision. I have spoken."

You are now in charge of what goes into your Akash from this lifetime. Tell your Akash not to record any negativity or drama from your current life:


"Let all things which have occurred  in my life in the past energy to this very moment, be on notice, that the memory in my brain, the very synapse that holds them, is on notice to cease and desist those things which would be below my magnificence as a creature on this planet of God. 

You’re not allowed to keep the tapes playing and the tapes are this – the betrayal, the sorrow, the bad feelings, the anger, the human nature which is a low energy human nature, the buzz itself - cease and desist all of the things that are currently there.     

I am in charge, even of my memory, for every single cell resounds with the Higher Self and I am part of this in a way that I never knew before. In charge of all things, so that I might  go from this place and not have to carry those things from my own past since my birth."

Speak to your cellular structure:

“Dear cellular structure I’m in charge, the boss is talking, listen up. I command you to see the beauty and the benevolence, and the God inside of every cell in my body. To be more resistant from disease than we have ever been before, you see disease cannot attach itself to the Light.

I command that which was in me that’s inappropriate to go away, to change. Let the chemistry in my body show itself in the next days so I know this is real.  

I take command of things that I was never told I could take command of. “

How wonderful that we are now in charge of our Akash and our cellular structure! Please use these affimations or whatever feels right for you, to speak to your Akash/Innate so that they know in this new energy you are in charge and steering the ship to a destination of your choice.

The energy and the days of a default setting for your journey is over. This is the time where the Old Souls make a choice to start spreading the Light like never before by taking command of themselves first.

Brush Away the Dusty Gold

Bradenton California, January 2018

In this channel, Kryon speaks about the fact that we all have 'dusty gold' and how it's time to wipe it away. The dusty gold represents our lack of self-worth brought about from lifetimes of not being believed, of cowering in the dark, etc. And in this lifetime, some of us don't want to push the envelop of light because we may have to face it all over again.
Many of us want to move forward but we still suffer from doubt, fear and lack of self-worth. Kryon says that Spirit, the creative source or whatever you want to call it knows of this issue and is ready to help you wipe away the dust so that you can shine like the light.
All you have to do is claim it, or visualise yourself as shining like the sun, like pure gold polished so that you can see your face in it.

Kryon says:

"Take your hand and brush away the dust and see the reflection of your face in the gold – the metaphor is that you’re brushing away doubt, brushing away any blocks that prevent you from believing in your light.
That gold is waiting for you to simply brush the dust away. When you do it or consider it, things start to change. Brush away the dust if you want to go to the next level.
God is next to you, waiting for you to brush away the dust. You’ll see who you really are – the image of love, that is your real face.
The creator is love, beauty and compassion and we are created in the image of the creator. We are all these things. Come to a place where you never have the dust again.
See yourself as worthy to be on the planet. You have stuff to do.
You can’t see yourself when there is so much dirt on the mirror so brush it away. See the reflection of gold, of God in you – it never changed, only history changed it. Make your own decision about who you are and what your relationship is to the universe and the God inside."

The message seems to be that we think we are less than we are. We think we have to go somewhere or study to become love, beauty, compassion, etc. The irony is that we already are that and more! We just have to remember that and blow away the dust.
So know that you already are love and compassion and beauty and just blow away the dust to show your brilliance and light to the world.


Fire, July 2017

In the Alaskan Cruise, there are channels on each of the four elements - Earth, Fire, Air and Water. Kryon relates each one to a part of ourselves, using them as a metaphor for how we can balance and enhance our beings.

For the channel on Fire, Kryon assigns fire to the soul and says the following.

"You have an unquenchable fire but yet you can cover it. Fire can be snuffed out by all the other elements. How big do you want your fire? Your soul is forever. The fire which is your soul can be in the back seat, quenched out, you don't have to acknowledge it. Or you can feed it with love and compassion and make it as big as you wish.

You can turn your fire into intuition and healing, you can turn the fire into knowledge and wisdom. You can make a bonfire and walk in balance allowing people to see the light in your fire. Or you can put it out, bury it, cover it and rob it of life. That is free choice. When you cover fire it no longer generates light. Fire broadcasts itself by an energy called heat and light."

In this metaphor, you can see your soul as the fire and look at it in two ways. Will you put it out or will you let it shine brightly for all to see. It can be what you want it to be.


Kryon has the following to say:

"Let the fire of that which is the compassion of the creator in you shine so bright that it consumes everything that is not magnificent.
May it consume every thought that you would have that you don't belong here.
May it consume that which has been said to you that you are not magnificent.
May it consume that which is inappropriate for who you are.
May it consume every untruth you've ever learned without making those who told that you wrong.
There is an appropriateness in all things, in all beliefs and then there is the truth of the light.
May fire create that light where the purity of who you are and the truth of the creator comes through.
May it chase away the diseases in your body.  
May it create balance and joy.
May the inner child be illuminated with the fire so much that there is happiness when you wake up in the morning instead of the opposite.

Let this element be one that you can control and work with and make as large as you wish."

You can use the fire to burn away all inappropriate things and use it to shine your true magnificence. The choice is entirely yours.

The Great Escape, March 2017

In this channel, Kryon speaks about escaping from what we expect is going to happen in the future on a personal level. It seems that to do this, we need to work on many layers.

He says that on one level we've escaped a war happening but our consciousness hasn't escaped from the expected potential so we still expect it to happen. It's a habit to think that there'll be a war - these are the seeds of destruction which we carry. So start to believe and know that the future will bring peace.

great escape.jpg

Kryon asks how do you feel about your own personal future - are you hopeful, excited and benevolentor do you think same old, same old? Are you judging the future by the past, i.e. you don't do something because of what happened in the past, thinking the same thing will happen now? Kryon says to plan for something you didn't expect to happen, perhaps even better than you expected. Start to know that in this new energy, the future is holding something very different to what's gone on before.
Let's say you choose to say that the future will be better but what about the other layers such as the chemistry in your body, the Innate and your Akash? They have only seen one reality - this or something worse. Are they on board with a bright future?
What does your Akash tell you? It is your life records in energy. So your consciousness says the future is good but the Akash says you're crazy because it just remembers war, disappointment, sadness etc. If you have dreams that reveal insecurity it's your Akash telling you that things are not getting better.

There will be conflict going on between the layers in your body which you have to resolve. You have to reframe your Akash by using your consciousness and your Higher self to instruct your Akash and cellular structure to say that you can change the past because of what the future holds. And the future only holds good things!
Kryon uses the phrase "retro causality" to mean that things that are happening in the future can change the past. It means that a consciousness which expects a good future will back up and eliminate or reframe the past Akashic energy which says you're mad to expect something better or good.
But what about the other layers? Your Innate is the responsible smart body, it's the one who knows who you are from the health perspective. It responds to benevolence and is responsible for spontaneous remission. It can also become unbalanced through how you think and your thoughts. What if it expects nothing but the usual because of thoughts on ill-health and the diseases you may catch? Your consciousness is king and what you say and what you think instructs the chemistry of the body. The proof is homeopathy - it works because of the intent of the tincture and the one who takes itto instruct the Innate on what to do. The chemistry of the body can be given instructions so tell it that the future is good and health is there.

Begin to use your consciousness to tell your cells and your Innate that the future only holds good things and use it to reframe your Akash. You can do this by visualising/sensing putting all the old things in a different room and shutting the door, label it 'old things that are gone'. Allow only positive things that lead you into a future filled with light to come out and this includes your dreams. You have to visualise this over and over because the Akash is stubborn but it's the Higher Self speaking with the lower self and it will win.

The future is unknown but in this new energy, do not expect the past to dictate the future because now things you never expected can happen.

Kryon says you should walk into the unknown, the “Void of Love” and say:

“I'm so happy that I don't know anything because I'm going to be given things that I never expected. It’s going to be new things I've never seen, bring them on.”  but instead you say “I'm so frightened of the unknown, I don't know where I'm going”. This is a bias of the human being who wants to know where they’re going.

Step into the void and into all these layersand say “I'm in the unknown, Akash get into the back seat, get into the old things room and slam the door. Only new things are allowed. I don't know what they are but they're good! Biology get into the back seat and stop giving me information that I'm going to catch this or that and die at a certain age because my parents did.” It is time to escape from all of them.

The grand escape is to work on removing layer after layer of bias, filters and history in your consciousness, Innate, Akash and cellular structure on what you expect to happen in the future. If you find it hard to escape, step into the void of love where there are no rules, no agenda and no judgement- that's the biggest escape of all. God loves you unconditionally.

Every human being is different in terms of what you've experienced and what you've been taught. There is no one rule, one pill, one solution or one doctrine. Instead there are billions of truths which lead to the one solution of escaping from the bias of who you were.
The potential of the grand escape it there, it is up to you to manifest it and live in a wonderful future of your creation.

Dublin Farewell Dinner, April 2017

In this channel Kryon speaks about Ireland and how the land there is very different to just about every other place on Earth. He also speaks about the importance of your intent and how it connects to Spirit.

Kryon says that Ireland has no crystalline grid filter which is why there are so many stories about the little people, fairies etc. This will increase in the new energy as more and more people start to see these beings from the corner of their eyes.

He also speaks about the importance of intent and says:

"Intent is like opening a door. Spirit sees you and your consciousness through intent - the intent to heal, intent to honour, intent to understand and intent to remember."

Intent is much like when you decide to jump from a bank into a river. When you jump off you have pure intent because gravity will take you into the water.

When you start the journey of intent, you realise there are many kinds of intent - intent to understand, to change, to talk to my cells - that intent energy is like a key in the lock.

"Your cellular structure understands intent - you cells are not just biology they are ringing with the Creator, the planet , etc. They're ready to listen. To turn the key in the lock of healing for you is through your intent, do you mean it? Intent is forever, it's not a band-aid, i.e. temporary. If you release things with pure intent you don't have to worry about them coming back."

Kryon says that if you really want to heal and release, come to Ireland because it rings with help. The Irish enjoy themselves so much because of the energy of the land.

"In Ireland, you feel an Earth that can speak to you through your ears when you sleep and when you're awake. The little ones have a message of joy, Gaia, beauty, sunshine, light and they would love to impart it to you every single day."

It seems that 'intent' is much more than the meaning of the word. When you use intent, it can open Spiritual doors to help you on your journey. So use this word in your affirmations, when you want to change yourself, etc. and watch the magic unfold!

Amsterdam, Channeling 2, May 3rd 2017 - Intuition

In this channel, Kryon speaks about how things are starting to change in the new energy and one of them is how we communicate with Spirit.   He/she says that true communication from Spirit comes from your intuition and not your brain - it feels like you have guidance. The higher self is involved, the pineal gland, but not the brain.

The communication from Spirit is always there - we have to learn how to tap into this continuous communication and receive what is given. This can be difficult because we're always working with our brain, but the brain is not involved with this communication. So we need to learn to become disengaged from the brain and how to begin to feel the intuition.


Kryon explains that we can create intuition by disengaging from all thinking – it’s like the place between waking and sleeping where the brain is 'switched off'. We may think that we get no answers when we ask Spirit, but instead that the answers 'press on you', they’re just a veil away. We have to create a space for the intuition which carries the message by disengaging from all thinking.

 Kryon says:
“It's not that difficult if you'll allow it, out of 3D dimensionality; when the intellect is not working - it's a full release. The intuition will flow in but it doesn't linger which is frustrating. Your consciousness is used to getting directions, you can even write them down but intuition comes fast and you even wonder if you received it. Just ask Spirit to give the message again and then disengage. Sometimes that means going out into nature and letting go of the intellect.”

So what about the timing of the answers? You ask a question and sometimes you get no answers - or there are no answers. Kryon says in that case: the answer is to "sit and be loved". From Spirit's standpoint so many of our issues involve other people - a new job, relationship, etc. - so how do you know what these people are doing and thinking; are they ready to come into your life yet? You don't know what’s happening with them but Spirit does. When the players are in place, Spirit will have advice which is a solution but until then, sit and be loved. Sometimes we interpret getting nothing as a 'no' answer and tend to stop asking. We don't wait till things are ready so understand it's always in progress and Spirit will give you want you what. It just may take longer than you wish!

Kryon offers the following metaphor :
“When you start asking for guidance in any situation, it's like you've purchased a ticket for a train. The train will take a while to arrive. The train is You, the people involved, the circumstances, the things in the future that will take place and synchronicity. The issues may change but the ticket is the same. You stand at the station waiting - the train will come.

The timing is the key, stay patient. You have the ticket, so know that the train/solution will come. In the new energy relax with the issues. You may ask what if it's a health issue - no one else is involved but that is actually you and you, trillions of you, all the cells of your body.

When you go to that place where you can feel the presence of Spirit and know that it's real and co-mingle it with the three dimensions of your personality, then that is the definition of mastery.

 Intuition in this new energy is about letting go of the brain and coming to a place where you can feel Spirit and learn to interpret the messages that come to us at all times. Spirit loves you and wants to help but sometimes that means to ‘sit and be loved’ whilst people, places, circumstances, etc., occur to create what you wish. Use that time to strengthen the communication with Spirit so that you know what you desire is on its way.


Things That Go BUMP In The Night

Tucson, Arizona, February 25-26th 2017

In this channel, Kryon enunciates the fear and worry which Old Souls possess and how this becomes a 'bump'. Explaining that, as the dark energy starts to lose, it knows this and turns to the old souls who are filled with a lack of self-worth:

"You're ripe for the darkness to tell you you're nothing and you believe it, and so the dark energy starts to turn inward".

Kryon speaks of the night, a place of no light, during which time your Akash starts to fill you with fear - this could also be known as the Dark Night of the Soul.

Oh, oh, oh....

Oh, oh, oh....

"The list comes from that which is in your Akash; everything which you're afraid of - situations, health, etc. You worry about the outcome and that builds the bump in the road. Old souls are so used to a negative outcome, that that's what we tell ourselves will be the outcome - the Akash remembers that nothing works out.  And so the bump is all you, created from the dark.

Then the sun comes out, but the bump is still there and the reason is because you created it, not from evil spirits etc., but from you and you carry it to work, to school and so on and you continue to worry. The darkness on this planet counts on you to create the bump and carry it - so you can't see God inside."

More old souls create a bump than anyone else, so let's get rid of it. Kryon says that no matter how big the bump, God is bigger and you have that in abundance in your life right now. Dissolving the bump can't be looked at lightly because all your lives (past and present) are invested in the bump.

"In this new energy, The Field, the Benevolence wants to fight this with all the light you can have but some of you are invested in your bump and you tell all your friends about your problem and how it will come out and so it stays. The words that you cast out so lightly, e.g., "I'm ill", are like an order in a restaurant. It's time for you to find the magnificence of God inside ready to dissolve the bump - place the order for your health and a benevolent outcome to your situation and this will happen. Once your verbiage about your life is positive, the bump starts to go away."

You carry your own torch - it's never dark wherever you are - you can't quench the light of God. You have been here forever and you'll be here forever. Your soul is filled with light. You create the bump from bad habits - light is at your beck and call.
Those who continue to wallow in drama and fear won't live as long as those who don't.

The youthing process looks for and expects joy, benevolence and balance. It looks for coherence with itself that does not fight with fear and when it sees the coherence you live longer, you start youthing. How often do you laugh, even at yourself? The joyful human being will smile at themselves in the mirror and look and even point and say "I see God in you."

Kryon explains that all disease is in the consciousness of the human being. There is no contract of illness anymore; it is actually the cells responding to the consciousness of the Divine human being:

"Contracts can be rewritten so have a new contract:  "I'm here to enjoy this life without disease, I'm here to be balanced and joyful, to live a long life because I deserve it and have God inside, because this is new energy and I am part of it."

Old souls need to wake up and get out of the paradigm of the bump When you wake up in the morning and a voice says "what are we going to worry about today" create a positive affirmation and it will dissolve any negativity."

Finally, use the affirmation below to remove the bump:

" I am a perfect being of God inside, made by the creator to be perfect in his image of perfection and that is who I am," then visualise light in your body from head to foot. The negative thoughts won't have a chance, feel the chills that can accompany the victory of having slain the bump yourself.

Every thought we have and what we say now has an effect, so begin to consciously think about what you say about your life, your health and so on. Start to create a life of joy and light as you remove the bump from your life!


Five Deceptions of the Old Energy

Salt Lake City, Utah, January 21st 2017

Even though the New Energy is here, for many of us, being brought up and living our lives in the old energy is still having its effect. In this channel, Kryon explains to us how we can get out of the bias of the old. Kryon's describes it thus, 'it has tainted and affected us and made us feel less than we are'. This old energy is now a thing of the past so we can release these things completely as they no longer serve our highest purpose.

Kryon identifies 5 of these old energy traits and asks us to say "not anymore, not now".

"You can't live in an old paradigm only to reboot the computer and be OK in a few years. You have residuals that are deep within that you carry with you."

The first one is that in the old energy everything repeats itself  so the future is more of the same. There is a feeling of no hope when you realise nothing new can occur, that the same patterns repeat. Why expect anything different since human nature is always the same - there is always war, and so forth. This deception is in place even today, people are even now expecting these things to happen.
Kryon asks us to replace this with the following new affirmation of intent:

You are accelerating your intuition - the future has not been written. Rewrite these in your psyche. "Dear Spirit, I understand this, I know that the future is unwritten and is filled with pristine-ness, beauty and compassion and my life can steer into this beautiful serene ocean that has never existed before." That is the New Energy. "I hereby drop the deception that it has to be something I've seen before."


The second one is that you cannot get ahead: you've tried but there's something that always holds you up, including yourself. There's a plateau you can't get beyond. So you say this is good enough. You don't try to get above and beyond it. You can't get ahead. Kryon says the limits we put on ourselves are built to keep us in line.

If humanity feels it's stuck, it will be. The new paradigm says you awaken with an Akash that is starting to stir, you're on a path you've never seen which will take you light years ahead; anything you wish to accomplish you can do in this Energy - remember, the wind is at your back. Say and intend:

"Dear Spirit, I will never give verbiage to 'can't' again, no matter how old I am. I can go further than I have been before because I am part of the shift and not part of the deception."

The third one Kryon has spoken about on various occasions - it is our self-worth:

How can you believe you were born dirty when inside you have the grandest of the Creator and it's all around you. Would you say that to your children? "You're born dirty, I won't love you till you do something," would the Creator do it to you! How childish is this? It is the paradigm of an old energy of unawareness that is where you've been. So willing to believe these things given to you that are un-Godlike.

Then the Akash says "yes that's right" because everything you've tried to do in the past has been difficult, every time you've tried to do something spiritual you were beat up for it.

You come in with a bias of unworthiness. Everyone around you that's important says "yes that's right". This is the biggest lie from the old to the new energy. You are worthy! God is inside you, not only are you worthy, you are very worthy.

You can solve the problems of this planet; you can go to a situation with no war. Ignore everything you see on the news because it will drag you down. The news reports the old energy, so don't watch it! That paradigm has not died for the news or for most people.

Old soul you know better, you are worthy. Sit there for a moment and know that you're worthy. Say to yourself "Unlike the old energy and deception that I had I no longer buy into that which I was told. I was born into magnificence because I have God inside and all that I see is made for God. I see God everywhere and I honour it for it is beautiful. I am it!"

Number four Kryon says is very profound and yet so misunderstood:

Why would you give the creator a human consciousness? There is nothing purer than the love of God, you have no concept of how pure it is. The power of love can wipe away all negative things - it's the creative energy. Love and compassion are the elements of God.

How can you say God is not happy with you, is about to punish you - how human can you make God. God is the creator of the Universe, God is not human, it is light years away from the human consciousness. You are told so much of a judgemental God.

This is an old energy and paradigm that you are not part of. Born magnificent and worthy you are, in the image of God you are. Rewrite who God is - a parent so divine it has only love and benevolence for whatever you do.

You have made God dysfunctional! Would you do to your children what God is doing to you? Think about who God really is. The fifth deception is that the darkness is in control.

Well, it has been, the darkness has been humans. There is free choice to be in the dark. The human race has been manipulated into war for money. It is no longer happening to the same degree because the light is winning. Darkness is no longer in control on this planet.

Kryon cites what happened in the 1980s with the Wall coming down; in the year 2000 there was no armageddon. In 2012 when we started the shift.

There is not a world controlled by the dark but it's still ingrained in you. This paradigm is no longer here. Proclaim it in an affirmation: "Dear spirit, I am in control of my life, light is in control of this planet and slowly it will illuminate itself, chasing the dark away like it never has before," and you will never think again that the darkness is in control.

People may say Kryon is like a Pollyanna channel because everything is just fine but Kryon doesn't actually say this. It's the beginning of a journey into light which may take many years.

It will excite the darkness - as you pull out the tools you have been given it will be frightening to the darkness. Nothing will happen if you sit there thinking darkness is in control, that you won't get ahead and you are not worthy - nothing will happen.

The old soul has the wisdom to pull this off but the old soul will also have the challenge of dropping the bias of the old deceptions. The young ones just coming in will not have the bias and they will look at you and wonder what is wrong with you - they have no experience of unworthiness. They know what they want to create, they only see this and they see you wallowing in the corner, worrying about everything.

The youth have the perception without the experience. So, old soul it's about time you learned how to drop the old so that you can lead the way .

These deceptions are now in the past; find the new paradigms in love. The centre of the universe, the creative source, lives with you every day. Can you smile with that?

As we move into the new energy and begin to work with it, we must try to move away from the old energy we were born into and which is, at this time, a part of us still.

Use the new paradigms given above to start the transition of this beautiful planet into light where there is peace and no war. As Kryon says, the old souls are the only ones equipped to do this - we are, and must be, the way showers!

Enhanced Innate

San Jose, California, January 15th 2017

Kryon has already spoken about the Innate, but in a recent channel introduced the 'Enhanced Innate' and how we can use it to drop all inappropriate things as we continue on our journey in the new energy.

Kryon gives the following examples:

"Innate is ready to help your consciousness drop things that you don't need anymore, that will not work anymore. Have you got buttons that make you angry or anxious? How would you like to instruct your body to release that? Ask your body to release anything inappropriate for the beauty of who you are.

For those who say these are just words and it won't work, well then it won't because that attitude creates a barrier.

Innate wants what's good for you; it's the same thing as what you use to muscle test; it's designed to make you live longer; it's designed to make you comfortable. Let's release some things:

"Dear Innate, today I release all inappropriate things that would keep me anxious; today I release all inappropriate things that would make me less healthy."

This is a major time to release things that don't work, especially the ones that you don't think you have control of... because you do.

"Dear Innate, I release all the frustration that keeps me from moving forward."

When you speak to your Innate, it is a command, not a wish. It says to the body here is the order I am placing, here is what is going to happen, because my consciousness is allied to my spiritual self and my Innate is a system of benevolence. You don't wish it to happen with the Innate, you co-operate and tell it.

You may ask why Innate can't do things that are good for you without you having to ask it. Kryon says that's because of our free will and our free choice. We can choose not to utilise the Innate. The body then defaults to doing what it wants, including being ill or unbalanced - that is our free choice!

'Innate sits there ready for instructions. What are your instructions today to your body? You all have to release things, what about the self worth issue?'

"I release anything that defines who I am, I release information that is not majestic to my body."

Innate can also be used to drop things in your Akash:

" Dear Innate, I release any and all things in my Akashic record that will keep me from seeing my magnificence today."

See it as done.

Do this with pure intent, you have to mean it.

You'll start seeing the shift slowly as you work with your Innate to release and drop whatever is inappropriate for you.

We now have a tool to actually remove and release everything which may be hindering us on our journey, one which can even clear things in our Akashic record.

So what will you tell your Innate to remove today so that you can continue on your journey to embody the magnificent being of light you are?


The Altar of Joy

In the last channel of 2016, Kryon spoke about numerology, and how 2016 is a 9 year (2+1+6), a year of completion. He also suggested we might consider building an altar of joy. Kryon says that 2017 is the energy of the One, and shouts 'new beginnings'.

"Even if you can't find joy within you, build an altar of joy, physical or mental and I want you to go to that altar and thank Spirit for what is going to take place and is taking place in your heart, your mind and your life. And if you do that, you'll be sending a magic signal that co-operates with the planet, with the Field, with the numerology of the year and all those things. It will see your intent and things begin to shift.


This is the beauty of a physics who knows who you are, this is the beauty of a Creator who created the physics who knows who your are - they are related, everything is related to everything else. Watch for synchronicities when you start to do this.

If you wallow in the old, nothing will happen differently - you'll continue on the same path with the same issues, going in the same direction - did you hear that.

The altar of joy is the inner child inside which awakens happy and it is innocent of the things around them that could harm them. But it's not innocence in your case, it's wisdom that can steer around them, that can actually change your own chemistry, that can build things that are going to be good for you - extended life and the end of fear. Can you believe that for you?

Build that altar, do it in the New Year, make it mental if you can't make it physical. Put the candles where you would, light them as you would and make each one of them something special that you are achieving but mainly it's the joy of compassionate action on this planet."

With the New Year just started, why not make the time to build a real altar of joy; visit frequently and, as Kryon says :

"Don't take this channel lightly - you're moving into a new beginning from lots of 9's, completing the old. See the old going into a rubbish bin, don't have anything to do with it. See it as brand new, the canvas is blank and you're going to build an altar and celebrate the joy that is coming."

The Compassion Factor

Kryon's messages, this year, have been focused very much upon compassion. In the channel of May 15th 2016 he put forward the notion of governments having a Department of Compassion in the future. But, as ever, and before these things can actually manifest, it is up to us to start to have compassion for ourselves and to carry it into all the facets of our lives. It is not an easy concept for us mere humans to take in, but, as Kryon explains:

"You are not going to have compassion in your life as long as you compartmentalise God. There's got to be a meld all day long no matter what you're doing. You have to be using the God inside as you go to lunch, as you cook a meal, take care of children, do the housework - God inside always. When you start understanding that it is not a compartmentalised God, but God inside 24/7, you are tuned in to the station, and the result is compassion.

You'll start looking at things differently - a new paradigm. You start falling in love with the person called you, 'I'm in the right place at the right time, I belong here', 24/7 - can you do that?"

It feels almost as if he is saying that by having the compassion factor, as an important catalyst in this new energy, that it will assist us to expand our consciousness even further within our individual spiritual journey.

"Those who have a compassionate life are the ones who will have the ideas we spoke about last time we channelled - the ones who have compassionate ideas about business, to light ideas for new politics, new ways for integrity in medicine, etc. The compassionate factor is coming."

The planet needs our compassion with all that is occurring at this critical time and, as ever, being in the forefront as Old Souls, it is up to us to light the way with compassion for ourselves and for others: those who will follow in their own appropriate spiritual timing.

Create a Symphony!

Many of Kryon's channels speak about tools we can use to heal ourselves, create the life we desire, fulfil our spiritual purpose, etc. We may start to wonder in what order should we use these tools. For example, should I connect with my Innate first, should I speak my affirmations 3 times a day, and so on. As Kryon would say, we are 'too linear' in our approach, i.e., it's not a question of going from one level to another.



Instead Kryon likens it to the keys on a piano: you play one note and you want to get to a higher note, so do you play every note in between until you reach the higher note? Of course not since we know we can use both our hands and multiple fingers to play the many notes at once - there's no need to play notes in a specific order to get to the one(s) we want.

 This approach can be implemented in all of the processes Kryon speaks about in the many channels; you can connect with your Innate, say affirmations, heal yourself, etc. all at once, there is nothing to say one should be completed before the other.

As Kryon says, create a symphony for yourself and break out of the linear mindset!

Letting Go

In some of the latest teachings, Kryon has spoken about Old Souls carrying around lots of "baggage" from past lifetimes which may be impeding their progress in this new shift and new energy. We've spent hundreds or thousands of lifetimes in the old energy, trying to shine our light in dark times and being persecuted for it; to suddenly be told that in this one lifetime everything is fine and we should own our power and shine our light, may cause us to question if this is really true.

The following extracts from the latest channellings will hopefully give you the reassurance that we can indeed shed these lifetimes of old energy baggage right now and become the beacons of light we were always meant to be:

Releasing the Train

Sydney, Australia, October 13, 2016

Kryon paints a picture of a train chugging forward through time which represents your soul or soul group going forward through the ages. It has the same engine - the higher self or the higher self group. Your best friend is your higher self for it's been with you every single incarnation.

Every life experience is added to that train, you can think of it as a car or carriage added for each lifetime. As Kryon says:

"Every car carries a load - for eons that load has had an energy, it's a dark load because you've had a battle that you've fought over and over… The engine which is the higher self does a good job, it pulls them all no matter how many you have, but the vibration of the train is tainted by the vibration of what's in the cars. Lifetime after lifetime after lifetime, you fill the cars with dark coal for instance and the train gets longer and bigger."

All those past lifetimes of being ostracised, hunted, even killed for your beliefs are in the cars so it's no wonder that in this lifetime there may still be hesitation as to if it's safe to shine your light. You may feel stuck and confused as to what to do.

Kryon says

"Reach down and see that beautiful engine of the higher self and I want you to throw a switch and release all the cars and I want that to be a fresh and new beginning that you do yourself by releasing with pure intent and understanding all of the help you wanted will now flood in.

But until you release with that intent, it's still going to difficult because you're stuck with all those cars - the things that aren't moving in your life is because there are too many cars and they're loaded with your Akash which has been over and over so dark and so tough and now it isn't - the wind is at your back, there is light coming, colour is coming in a black and white world, you are positioning yourself to be in the right place at the right time but not with those cars and when you release them with pure intent they go away, you won't run into them again.

You are releasing all the eons of stuff you don't need. Be free of this past Akash and a darker world. Old Soul you have graduated, there's no reason to pull around the books you learned from, cast them away. The sun is coming out and the engine is fresh with no cars at all, the ones you create now won't be dark because it's different!"

Kryon says that pure intent is different to just intent. For example, you go to a lake and you say "I intend to get wet". With just intent you keep saying the phrase over and over, but with pure intent you jump into the lake and get wet.

In addition to the metaphor of releasing the carriages on the train, Kryon also speaks about letting go or softening the shell around us as explained below.

The Shell

Queenstown Conference Day 1 - Mini

Again many past lifetimes of having to hide our light has caused us to construct a shell which protects us from what we don't know. Kryon says:

"It's a good time to start softening the Shell because when you do then all manner of things will come flying in - the Shell stops healing. You've made up your mind what is real and what is not and that is in the shell. But when the Shell starts to become permeable - a few holes, perhaps you even drop it, then in will come the things that you've asked for and situations will change.


The Shell keeps everything inside. This is the opportunity to experiment with it. It's not easy having thousands of lives of defending yourselves from an older energy to suddenly stop, be told it's OK to stop, a bell will ring inside to say it's not true.

Do it slowly, trust yourself, open the doors one at a time. Feel safety come in - the compassion that God has for you is far grander than you are aware of or can feel and if you've had the Shell it just bounces right off. Soften your heart in this new energy, for a reality of the new human."

From what Kryon says in the channels, Old Souls have for eons of time tried to bring light to the planet and have been knocked back again and again. The time is Now for us to release the dark energy and protection that we have built up over many lifetimes and let the love and compassion of God and Spirit help us to finally shine the light that we were always meant to.

The Innate

Portland, Oregon, November 22nd 2014

Kryon has spoken in the past about the Innate or the 'Smart Body'. He describes the Innate as the field around the DNA - this is how the trillions of cells and DNA molecules in your body communicate with each other all the time, through the Innate. So the Innate is not a centralised system, for example, like the brain or the heart, but is everywhere at once.

Kryon says:

"So the first thing we want to tell you about Innate is that it is a body-wide system that "knows" more than anything that your nervous system or brain system could ever know. Innate is everywhere: it's in your toenails and in your hair; Innate is everywhere DNA is, and in any form that DNA exists. It's unique and it's you."

Kryon explains that the Innate is responsible for much we take for granted, such as the digestive system; he further explains that, when a human suffers damage to the spinal column, the bodily functions may still continue even though the brain cannot communicate any more with certain parts of the body. The brain sends signals, picked up by Innate, which it then communicates to various part of the body as needed.

The Innate is there to help us stay healthy and youthful. It knows exactly what illness we have before anything physical happens so we are urged to start learning how to 'know' it and how to communicate with it. Kryon asks us to simply start speaking to the Innate, telling it what we desire in order to heal ourselves and to live longer too.

Talk to it as you would to a friend, don't just repeat instructions to it over and over, give it the credibility to listen and understand.  In the past, the only way to continue our spiritual journey was to reincarnate but this takes time since we need to spend years growing up again. Now, by speaking directly to the Innate, we can bypass that and live longer whilst continuing our spiritual work.

Kryon says that the Innate is designed for our spiritual survival:

"I want all of you to start telling Innate that you don't need to go through the transition of death to pass on the wisdom you have. There is a new process now, and it's different than any you have had in the past: not only can you present wisdom to pass into the grids of the planet today, but everything you have learned from the beginning can be applied, too. Your full Akashic wisdom and learning is suddenly accessible in real time to the energy of Earth.

The key to stopping the ageing process as you know it today is reprogramming the Innate. Your body is designed to age you, even against common sense! Your cellular body was designed to rejuvenate, but isn't doing it well. Do you understand? It is the job of Innate to change this, but it needs the signal to do that. This is free choice, and you are the only one who can do it - not a facilitator or a healer, not a channeller. YOU need to learn how to communicate with Innate.

Doesn't it make logical sense, dear ones, that you could accomplish more on this planet if you don't have to be reborn and have to grow up all over again? Stay!

Tell Innate: "I no longer have to die to create spiritual growth." You can do this almost any way you want. Learn how to build affirmations that are positive. Get in touch with the body through whatever process that comes your way. You are ready to communicate with the Smart Body."

We already speak to the Innate in a number of ways - tapping, muscle testing, kinesiology. Now we can start speaking to it with words and affirmations and telling it what we want.

There has never been such a time as now when the Old Souls can work with their bodies to heal and rejuvenate. The energy is right and the time is Now for us to use these tools. and Speak to Innate so that you can enjoy a long, healthy life and continue bringing light to the planet and helping others along the way.

The Field

Laguna Hills, California, July 2-3rd, 2016

We each have our own vibration or frequency - this may explain why we resonate with some people better than others. The people you meet who you instantly feel as if you've known for a long time are probably on a similar vibration to you. Yet there are others who you never really know what to talk about and maybe that's because our vibrations are so far apart.

When two vibrations harmonise, they cause a resonance - they are in tune with each other. Much like the people walking across the Millennium Bridge when it first opened caused the bridge to actually sway because of the resonance caused by them walking in tune together.

In this channel Kryon talks about the Field which he describes in a number of ways, including as a "benevolent, harmonious type of Physics around you that enhances healing, creates peace, lets you sit in joy, and it's everywhere."  He says it is time we begin to resonate with the Field through an attitude of harmony and joy. As Kryon says:

"The Field is a benevolent, harmonious vibration, and if you were to then go and resonate with it with your consciousness, you activate your cellular structure and you live longer. Did you know that harmonizing and resonating with The Field within your own consciousness at the right time and the right place actually can cause spontaneous remission? Did you ever wonder how this is possible? Those who can totally and completely harmonize with The Field can actually control and alter known physics! Have you ever heard in history of any master who seemed to have control over physics? Indeed, many of them did."

Science is starting to see this as a non-linear phenomenon and calling it quantum entrainment or entanglement.

In the new energy, the Field has increased its awareness so that it's easier to harmonise with. Kryon says one of the ways we can connect to the Field is through the Innate (our smart body) which is already connected to the Field and through the use of affirmations.

"The biggest one, the most influential and newest one at the moment, is well-constructed affirmations. An affirmation spoken out loud is a positive, powerful reinforcement of who you are. You are not asking for anything with a good affirmation. You are not wishing anything either. Instead, you are stating something that is yours, and innate is the first to hear it and act on it. Innate is listening all the time! You have muscle-tested with it for years. You've homeopathied with it for years! It's there with an antenna ready to listen, and there is no greater influence than your voice and your consciousness stating what you are out loud."

Affirmations now have more effect when spoken out loud because that is the best way for us to connect to the Field in this new energy.

For those of us who want to know how his works (which is very non-linear!) , this is what Kryon says:

"Now, be careful, for there are those of you who are too linear to do this. You're sick and you're coughing and then you start affirming that you are well. You may see this and say, "I'm just in denial. Here I am coughing at the same time I'm claiming I'm healed?" You can't even begin to understand the physics of a multidimensional circle. What you are doing is enhancing a time fractal of the future. You are creating that which is not here yet (from your thinking), but the way we see it, The Field is already there and working the solution. It already exists."

Ultimately,  we have a healing, benevolent energy Field around us which is there to help us create the reality we desire. Put away your notions of being unworthy or not deserving of
having the life you want and work with the Field to resonate with it through your affirmations. Create the life you desire because as Kryon says, the old souls are at the forefront of bringing light to the planet and we need to step up and create our reality so that we can bring joy and love to those around us and to the planet.

Getting Connected 1 & 2

Portland Maine, Saturday April 9th/10th, 2016

In these channels Kryon speaks about the quantum aspect of our DNA and the Triad.

In the DNA itself there is a part that is multi-dimensional - quantum biologists know about this. The presence of DNA affects the spin of molecules. This means that the connection between molecules and your DNA can be influenced by your consciousness. They are aware of each other.

Kryon says :

"A quantum action must have a quantum source, a quantum invention must come from a quantum source. Your DNA has quantum attributes and you can create a quantum effect - the first is the ability to start doing things with your consciousness which will startle others - e.g. the ability to youth and cure disease in yourself."

Start feeling the connection between you, your DNA and everything and you can start to create what you desire.

Inside you there's a multi-dimensional piece of DNA that's meant to be connected to the central source using the Triad. The complete human being, the one who is totally connected, is going to be the logical brain, the human heart and the pineal - in a balanced way. The pineal is that which sends and receives the energy and assistance from the quantum DNA to the creative source.

Kryon says this phrase many times in the channel - "but the greatest of these is love". This may mean that focus on love and be out of fear and worry as much as possible as we work with the Triad and our quantum DNA. But remember this phrase because it is important to focus on love and benevolence in all our actions.

The Triad which Kryon speaks about is the heart, the pineal and the logical brain. In the old energy, survival was about making sure we had enough food, shelter etc.  In the new energy, it's about presenting your mastery everywhere you go.  Kryon says:

"If you are featuring fear and frustration at this moment you're brain heavy! Thinking too much! The brain must be involved in the Triad, but the heart and pineal are starting to work together with the brain to create a higher consciousness where survival is different - it's now figuring out that the greatest of these is love.

The new survival is presenting your mastery - everywhere you walk Gaia knows a master is working there. Is it boastful or ego driven to carry the love of God? It isn't. Stand taller knowing that you deserve these. You're in control of more than you ever were before. Let God define you and the peace that is multi-dimensional and connected to the Triad define you - not old energy.

You can shatter the old energy with the look of love! With a pure heart and benevolence the old energy will run from you. Old energy can't spin in drama when you're there.

You can't have a barbaric energy when the light is starting to be turned on. The old soul is the frontline for all of it - and all you have to do is be, for the greatest of these is love. Feel this, claim it and know it. Understand that the connection of the logical brain for survival, the pineal for the transmission and reception of beautiful messages in energy and the heart which controls that which is compassion and benevolence work together in a beautiful way to create a balanced human being who knows who they are and that the creator is inside. "

From the channel, focus on the quantum aspect of your DNA - this is where our connection to all and everything starts. Begin to work with the Triad in whatever way seems right for you. Have peace and benevolence in your actions and remember that the greatest of these is Love.