Rebecca Dawson


"Rebecca Dawson, who lives in Australia, is now a regular contributor to Kryon UK. She is an international spiritual teacher and channel delivering her messages and wisdom-teachings for over 20 years, with influence and  insights coming through ascended beings such as St. Germain, Serapis Bey & Kuthumi. Her work focuses on the changes being experienced by humanity and the planet during this incredible time of transition.” 


Message from the Masters - July 2018

Greetings to you. It is important to remember that this is your “moment”.

Your moment for anything.

Your moment for everything.

Your moment for want.

Your moment for desire.

Your moment for creation.

Your moment for attraction.

Your moment for immersion.

Your moment for experience.

This is the time for you and as you enter this month of July it is important that you know that there are no more limitations. There is no more finishing off, there is no more “what do I need to expend myself with”, there is no more “what do I need to attend to from before”, there is no more “finishing”. There is only that spark of newness, there is only beginning.

Now for many of you, you are sitting in a space where there is fragmentation all around you. There are pieces of yourself; your history, your past, your experience, your issues, your traumas, that which you believe to be the part of you that is sitting there suspended in fragments just beyond you.

You are in a space where the shattering of the vessel has occurred and you can see the shards sitting suspended in space just around you. It is very very typical of the human mind to see such a shattering and say unto itself “what can I do to put this back together, what can I do to heal this, what can I do this to repair this? This is not what I expected. I expected totality. I expected that if I did all the work, if I looked at my history, if I dealt with my pain, if I was having the courage to face my trauma and the truth of who I am then everything would come back into the one." And yet we say unto you blessed ones, when you sit in totality it is such a force of creation that it shatters the veneer of everything that you believed yourselves to be.

And so here in July the shattering has occurred and it is human folly to wish to repair, it is human folly to wish to bring it back into its sense of its form because this is the time where you are suspended in space and time has stopped and you just see the fragments of who you used to be sitting there. It is wise for you to look at these fragments of yourself with curiosity, without the inclination to do anything with them, without the inclination to pull them back closer to you again so that you can repair and become whole. Totality is the shattering of the vessel, it is the shattering of the veneer of your identity so that these fragments can move away and drift off into the cosmos, and the light (the essence of who you really are) can finally be seen, can finally be felt, can finally begin to have impact on the collective whole.

So we say unto you that during July many of you will be feeling shattered. But know that the shattering is done and this is where time stops and you are suspended in space and you can actually see all of those fragments, all of the facets of the diamond that at some time were you but are no longer.

This newness can be frightening because it feels as if you have no reference. You don’t know where to go now, you can’t move while you are suspended in space. All you can do is watch the shattering as it floats around you. But we say unto you blessed ones, if you are able to (in those moments) also feel the freedom of no direction, the freedom of no reference, the freedom of no identity then you have discovered the secret to creation. This magnificent space where nothing has yet been defined.

And that truly is humanity in the month of July. It is the space where the shattering has occurred and time has stopped and nothing has yet been defined. So magical is this for you at this time because what it means in essence is that now there is no restriction, no limitation. But if you are looking for movement and you are looking for acceleration it will be difficult for you to experience.

The magic in this month is in knowing that you are completely undefinable and that in that shattering, in the aftermath of the shattering there is no longer any limitation for you. No limitation for what can occur. Almost a complete disconnect from where you have been.

It is not to say that there won’t be movement. The last week of July on this planet things will really begin to move again and move again at an acceleration that perhaps you are not used to. And so when that occurs and when there is change and when there is flux and when there is unexpected it is important that you embrace the unexpected and see it is as that which was not possible before. See it as that which has always been available but limited to the human experience.


We say unto you be still in these next weeks. Seek with wonder the fragments of yourself you see scattered around you. Get used to feeling what it feels like to be suspended in space. Get used to feeling what it feels like not to know because when time begins again the movement will be incredulous. This is now moving into an experience where you can understand creation without process. But in order to understand creation without process you must have a period of time where it is suspended for you.

So feel not your frustration, feel not your indignation. This is not stagnation, this is not limitation. This is what happens when time is suspended and time is always suspended when there is a paradigm leap. Time is always suspended when you shift from one timeline to another, from one set of parameters to another, from one set of conditions to another. This is the space between spaces blessed friends. This is that magical pause, that magical moment where all you need to do is watch, when all you need to do is feel and exhale and feel the weightlessness of your light. Feel the freedom of that space before suddenly it all shifts again and then there is speed and then there is creation and then there is acceleration and then...There is so much more.


Take your time to breath. There is no time in this space anyhow. Those who would wish to push in the next few weeks will find themselves in an interesting position. Imagine if you will, being suspended in space and trying to move. It is very difficult because there is no reference for you, there is no measurement, there is no way that you can even ascertain that you are moving. The only thing you can watch in movement at this time is the fragments of who you used to be as they float around you and gradually move off into the cosmos.

Blessed ones this is a most holy of holy times. This is a most sacred of sacred spaces. This is the space between realities, this is the breath between breaths. We say unto you cherish every moment of it because it will be gone before you know it.

Peace be with you blessed ones, may you revel in the joy of your own discovery.


Knowledge and Intimacy - 11.06.2018 with Kuthumi (via Rebecca Dawson)

Greetings to you Your experience here not about the accumulation of knowledge. It has never been about the knowledge, but the human mind will always attempt to hold onto things. Thus the content of knowledge is created. There are those that would wish to curate the knowledge, to preserve it for all of time, and yet the knowledge was never designed to be kept nor preserved – only to introduce what is beyond the knowledge. And in reality and truth the interest is always what lies beyond what is known. Your challenge in recent months has been with those that are interested in maintaining knowledge because they never have understood that the gift, the treasure, the prize is what happens beyond that space. You must be very aware that there are those that would consider themselves to be accomplished and learned in what they have discovered with us. At a certain point you have considered yourself to be accomplished and learned and then you discovered what was beyond knowledge. Now you understand that the human mind will never be able to grasp what is beyond knowledge and indeed is not designed to. The discipline and the focus was always about allowing yourself a glimpse of what the mind cannot ascertain and was never designed to do. There were many exercises about disarming the mind so that you could revel in the space that is available. But this is no longer about disarming the mind, it is about allowing the mind to become comfortable with what you are experiencing. It is already your experience, and will continue to be so. This is about allowing your mind to come with you and yet your mind will always attach to what it already knows every time there is a new glimpse for you. Have you noticed that there is what you sense to be emotional disturbance or disruption every time you glimpse something new? It is not designed to be overcome, it is a sign that your mind is shifting with you through what we describe as the ‘keyhole of awareness’. So the disruption for you is not to be attended, but to be gently coaxed to come with you through that key hole. For in the space on the other side of that key hole there no disruption exists. It is important that you understand that everything that you have learned has been enough and it is wise for you to understand that you are not interested in new information. What you are interested in is your own ability to see what you couldn’t see before, just as you would look through the lens onto a horizon, you do not seek to end your perspective with where you believe that horizon is. It is always about extending it more and more and more so that you begin to view your entire existence in reflection of the magnitude of the cosmos. The cosmos then becomes the externalised experience because you no longer seek any knowledge. The end of the journey is the end of sequence perhaps, the end of work perhaps, but in essence it is the end of seeing the end of anything. As so life for you becomes a magnificent unfolding of discovery, not so that you can ascertain where you are and not so that you can measure how far you have come, but so you can experience the magnitude of who and what you are. If the human itself, as all blessed ones, could understand the magnitude of who and what they are there would no longer be separation. Indeed there is nothing to be done. It is important that you know that in the following days there is nothing to be done. It is only a discovery for you so that you when you look into the eyes of others - what else is to be discovered there? What do you see when you gaze into the face and expression of others? What is discoverable? It is wise for you to find people more interesting than you have done. It is wise for you to understand that your interactions and connections with others is not so that you can set them on fire necessarily, but so that you can continue your own joy of discovery. Indeed the greatest gift for you, the greatest treasure to be experienced in all of this is to discover the light in someone else. It is not that it wasn’t there before, it is just that you didn’t see it, so therefore please consider the power and the effect in what happens when you discover the light in someone’s eyes. Ask yourself the question “do you ignite it just by having the awareness that it is there?” That is always how it has been done and it is never about the knowledge. It is about the discovery in each other beyond what you know. That is why humans must love each other, that is why we have always talked about love because love is the discovery of something in each other beyond what you already know. And so a new role begins, a new earth is discovered. It is not that humanity nor consciousness must create with construct, for what is creation? Creation and discovery is the same action and the same moment. So a new planet begins, a new humanity begins as you discover it - that is the creation. So when you look into the eyes of another creation is happening. You have experienced this in relationships with others particularly in terms of intimacy because one of the greatest joys for you is the discovery of someone through intimacy. It has been one of the few experiences that you have allowed yourself to explore the horizons of another. But you would not give yourself permission to do the same in a casual setting with tea would you? To dive in and explore through the eyes of another and yet that moment is creation. We invite you and encourage you to explore intimacy in every moment as you become a very effective leader. Finding the joy in relationships in any moment there is a horizon that extends beyond what you can see. Every pair of human eyes are lenses and are invitations for you to see what has yet been seen. We remain here because we have been invited and you will enjoy your tea




Peak Intensity - Rebecca Dawson (with Serapis Bey) December 2017 

Greetings to you.  We are with you.  You are experiencing an intensification of that which occurs between light particles.  

There is a magnetic force that occurs between light particles and it is akin to a movement of propulsion - and that is the movement of the universe. The propulsion between light particles is like a push and a pull, and the intensity of that propulsion has been increasing significantly in the last weeks. We are giving you this information about the propulsion because this is the time where you are going to be really feeling it.   

Now what is the energy of the propulsion about?  It is about rapid change and this is experienced where there is intensity.  Human have a natural inclination to move away from intensity.  You feel intensity – and you move away from it.  This again is a representation of of propulsion…so an increase in the rate of propulsion between light particles means that your experience of that “pressure and release” and “pressure and release” also increases.   

How does this manifest in your reality?  Intense desire for change, followed by relief back into comfort.  Now the relief for some of you is because you have taken action with that desire to change, but the relief for many of you in your inaction.  

You tell yourself “There is no pressure in this moment to change, then there is pressure for me to change my circumstances, and then there is no pressure again.”  The upswing and downturn of the Pulse. And there is confusion in you because there are moments when you feel the impetus to take action and moments when you don’t. You are not confused about the fact that you want change - you are tuning into the propulsion energy of the universe.   

What is prudent for you to understand in this moment is that the time for action is when the intensity occurs. Humans are used to waiting for the pressure to subside before they feel confident in taking action because they don’t really like to make decisions when they are feeling like they are under pressure.  The mind-brain comes in and it says “well it is just because I am anxious, and I really want to be clear about what I am doing, and I really want to be clear and comfortable about decisions I am making for change in my life”. 

However, by the time you move back into that comfort again once the intensity is released, it is human nature to be content with what is in that moment of ease.  So there is an invitation here to be very clear that when you are in the intensity. You can ease yourself back in the relief but you can also ride the wave of change with the intensity. Humans believe that change is cumbersome and that change requires adjustment, and that it often requires process for you to move back into comfort again. But we say unto you that there is a wave with this propulsion and it occurs like this: intensity then relief, intensity then relief. As you experience the intensity that is the moment where there is peak creative force. 

What the human will do is they will experience the intensity, ride it out and when they are back in their comfort zone they start to think “maybe I was just feeling a bit stressed”.   

So they deny that intensity of creation, they deny that impetus for change. We are encouraging you to begin to feel the intensity of propulsion in that moment - this is where the inspiration comes.  When the inspiration comes at the peak of your intensity (now some of you will say the peak of your discomfort, but discomfort is a human concept) - that is when you have a glimpse of what is possible.  

We observe this in humanity very clearly, because many times it is only when the human will throw their arms up in angst that they will get clarity about what they actually want.  All I want is this!  But they are afraid that is is not real, and so when the intensity wanes they come back down into their comfort, and then they say “well it is not so bad there, I was just saying that because I was stressed.  That is not what I really want.”  And yet in that moment that is exactly what Consciousness was edging them towards. 

So why is it that humans do not grasp their inspiration and make their decisions at this point?  Do you know why?   

Because we feel that it is not a rational decision. 

We would say because that is a very spontaneous moment.  Spontaneous inspiration that is brought about by increasing pressure.  There are many questions happening in the room as to why are we discussing such human things.  You will understand soon. 

Humans have learned not create change when inspiration occurs under the situation of intensity - what you would call ‘pressure’. We call it intensified energetic propulsion.  They will wait until the intensity dissipates and then your inspiration is more about maintaining comfort than creating change. 

The energy and the force of the universe is this propulsion.  Am I being pulled toward something or am I pushing for it?  So this is where you feel the pull except you translate it in terms of your own weakness, because when there is increased intensity and you seek to relieve that intensity you can do so either by moving into spontaneous inspiration and making decisions there, or you can relieve it by coming back down into comfort. 

There are many of you that believe that to be spontaneous in that moment of intensification is weakness because it may be considered to be reckless. Humans are socially conditioned not to create during a peak experience because there are those that look at you and say you are reckless, you are hot-headed, you don’t really know what you are doing, you can’t commit to anything. If you are making spontaneous change how is that going to impact everybody else around you?  The stranglehold of commitment, the stranglehold of how am I going to impact others? 

So we are speaking to you in this way because that propulsion intensity is increasing and has been increasing so much in the last four Earth weeks that some of you don’t know where you are.  You don’t know if you are happy or not, you don’t know if you want change or if you are completely content.  All you can feel is that you don’t know, and so some of you feel as if you are losing your grip on control, that you are losing your grip on consistency in what you believe you want. You tend to identify yourselves in terms of what you want, so some of you are losing the sense of clarity over what you really want, therefore becoming confused about your identity. 

Humans are so used to having a great period of time between each level of intensity so that you can come back onto comfort and think things through before making a calculated and rational decision about change. 

So why this increased intensity and increased rate of propulsion? So that you can actually transform and not stop to think about it, because when humans stop to think about what they are doing they get very confused and they start to become retrospective instead of looking towards the next wave.   

So the intensity is very deliberately designed to bring the rapid transformation that is required on the planet because humanity has had too long to think about it.  

So we have also spoken to you previously about time and how as the vibrational frequency on the planet increases your experience of time (because remember time is actually like a light wave) and as that begins to increase the vibrational frequency your experience of time changes so that more things happen in a seemingly condensed period.  In other words more change can happen in a short of period time. 

So understand that the increase in vibrational frequency is all about intensity.  It doesn’t mean (and you know this) that your life is going to be more quieter and serene.  It means that you are going to get a greater intensity with everything, you are going to get a greater intensity with the wave of propulsion because it is happening very rapidly now.  So it is not that you are all over the place, it is that you are acutely aware of the rhythm of the planet and if you understand Consciousness on this planet you know when to make your move.   

If you want to move, if you want to transform, if you want to be creators this is your moment.  Your moment is in the intensity.   

Peace be with you

Rebecca Dawson


“Belief and the Planetary Shift” 

(Guest energy) August 2017

Belief on this planet is the most powerful commodity. It is also the one that has been devalued the most by your economic systems and yet, it is the most powerful tool for releasing yourselves back into your natural state.  You are becoming unencumbered and therefore you feel fragile. You feel fragile, you feel unsupported, you feel weak, and yet all that is happening is that you are losing the rigid dense structures of influence that have been existing both within your physicality and externally within your environment of belief.   

The entire gravitational field of your planet has been incrementally adjusted six times in the last three weeks.  That is why you have been feeling the nausea, that is why you have been feeling as if you are not settled, that is why you feel as if you have no direction, that is why you feel as if you felt like you were getting somewhere and now you don’t know where you are.  This is actually a physical effect.  Physically the planet has shifted, electromagnetically it has been very deliberately adjusted multiple times.  We are being very clear when we say to you be not alarmed when you begin to feel pressure in your heads in the next three weeks, do not be alarmed when you begin to feel density in the ear spaces and the ear cavity within the head.  This is occurring because Earth is in fact moving into a different position in your galaxy.   

We are being very deliberate with our information.  Earth is moving into a different experience of space.  We are explaining it to you in terms of your 3rd dimensional understanding:  it appears to be physically moving into a different section of space.  The indigenous of your planet are completely aware of what is occurring as are the authorities of your planet. 

What it means for you is that there is a feeling of complete disorientation.  The original meridian lines of the planet have all moved, the places where you felt comfortable you no longer feel comfortable, your reference points for where the earth speaks to you have changed.    In fact we will say unto you the entire physical interactive experience for you on the planet has changed.  This is essentially a time in the next 3 weeks where you will have to reorient yourselves daily, so be not alarmed or disappointed with yourselves if you feel as if you are having to reset where you are, who you are, why you are.   

It will be difficult for others because they will not know what has happened, and there will be many who are in fear and many who completely lose sense of themselves and cannot feel connected to what they were previously connected into.  This very deliberate move has occurred in conjunction with the shift of humanity out of the implemented systems of belief and control and therefore, just as you have become unplugged, many other humans are becoming unplugged at this time.  Be aware (and we are being very deliberate and specific in our information) that Governmental authorities will be increasing their reign of control in the next 3 weeks. 

This is nothing for you to be alarmed about.  It is a reactionary process and humans will seek to re-anchor themselves into security.  We say unto you your security is now available to you in a completely different sphere.  Your security is now available through your verification.  Feel into each other, as it is the only reference you have at this time.  It is going to be very difficult for you to feel safe in terms of location and in emotional relationships with others, but you can feel safe in your recognition of each other.  Like a grid work of light that encompasses the planet.   

It will settle within the next 7 to 12 weeks, but we say unto you that the entire polarity and the entire meridian structure and third dimensional location has shifted.  This is perhaps alarming for you but in essence it is a celebration, because it means that the Earth has been shifted out of complacency and it has been shifted out of the sense of permanence. 

If you feel like you have no control over your lives that is because the human collective consciousness is no longer bound.   

This is not about feeling as if you are not in control but it is about understanding that you are no longer being controlled.  Humans often confuse the two concepts.  Humans often feel that they are in control when they are being controlled because it is safe belief to them,and they can navigate it and they know what the boundaries are.  What we say unto you is that you are feeling nauseous and you are feeling dizzy because all of the boundaries have been removed.  Your body feels weak and your muscles feel weak.  The pressure between the ears and in the brain will increase slightly but it is nothing to be alarmed about.   

Because your physicality is becoming unencumbered by the belief system that it was bound to, it will lose memory of what is supposed to occur. Thus you may experience memory loss, and changes of cycles within the body.  There is no reference point of what is supposed to happen. 

The sensation is almost like a leaving of the physical for a moment and then coming back. 

It would appear that way for you but of course all that happens is your awareness shifts.  The mind-brain must reconcile that you have left and come back, when in fact your body has moved to a different point in space and time just as the planet has.  Those of you that have been experiencing deep bouts of sleep in the last few weeks, 6 to 8 days in particular, that is because that is when these shifts have been occurring - your bodies are having to re-reference and your mind-brains are having to re-reference with the new coordination points.  An entire planet has just moved. 

Yes, not so bad – agree? 

Didn’t feel a thing! 

Yes you did – you felt more like yourself in these last few weeks have you not?  


Yes, where has your confidence been? 


Because you know that you can do more here, you know that you can actually move here and you know that you reference better to this version of the planet than you did to the other one. 

I had a sense of that. 

Of course, you can actually feel the planet now. 

When you say the planet has moved has it moved in relation to the other planets in this solar system, or has the whole solar system moved to another place in the galaxy? 

In terms of your 3rd dimensionality we would say that the galaxy itself has moved.  Not in terms of a very incremental slow position but it has moved in a very grandiose way. There are signs within your constellation chartsand maps that will indicate that this has occurred.  You will still see your localised systems to be in similar places but it is those perceived to be further afield that have moved.  And so watch for the flurry of “we have discovered this new planet, we have discovered this new galaxy”.   

So, the agenda (because humans like to have an agenda and we have been advised to speak to you thus) is now not about saving the planet, as the planet has shifted.  The agenda is “now what can we do, now what can we create,  now what can we do that we couldn’t do before?” What is it that you want to experience? The restrictions have been removed.   

So enjoy!   

Go outside and look at how the hue of light has changed.  Look at how the rhythm of plants and trees and your soils are responding differently to this new climactic experience.  Your sleep patterns have been an indication for you on an individual level, but look around you!  What has changed?  Be observant, be fascinated.  Where are we now, everything is New.   

Why are we saying these things to you?  Is it to frighten you or is it to evoke you into creation and into curiosity.  Now what?  It is not about the survival of your species - it is about creating the New species.  Watch what happens with your poles - you may be told that it is climatic and it is a disaster, and that the ice should not be melting, but we say unto you it is now possible for your planet to exist and thrive without the need for disaster and without the need for crisis. 

Why cannot more land be revealed, why cannot more species be revealed, why must it be a problem?  Why must the concept of problem prevent you from discovering more?  Can you understand the beliefs around scarcity have prevented you from discovering what has been available for you.  We have scarcity on this planet and therefore we cannot touch anything or disrupt anything or look any further.  We must just try to do well with what we have.  But you are here to discover what is available and we say unto you that life begins to thrive in galactic conditions like these.  Your bodies begin to thrive in galactic conditions like these.  What are you believing about your ageing?  What have you believed about the sun and your ageing?  You have believed and been told that the sun ages you and it is absolutely not true.  Your blanketed environmental condition is what has been enabling you to believe that you can age.  Your isolation has caused your ageing.  Your sense of individuation has caused your ageing.   

We say unto you now the sun will be experienced differently by your bodies and will be experienced differently by your electromagnetic fields and energy systems.  We say unto you allow yourselves to revel in it.  It will feel different to you and it will appear differently to you.   It is sitting in a different position in space.  Therefore it carries with it a different frequency and a different relationship with your planet.   

What if we said unto you that it is not the same sun?  What if? 

Is it a different reality? 

It is a different reality.  There will be evidence in your 3rd dimensional perception that it has changed but it will not be easily explained by your scientists. 

So did Gaia (the planet) herself choose a new reality? 

We would say that the Cosmic Consciousness has enabled you to move to a New Earth. 



So it is like the different versions all being side by side and then threaded together into the new version? 

We would say unto you that there is still opportunity to experience them separately. 

So this is essentially the “big shift” that has been spoken about? 

It is the most physical version of that shift that has occurred yet.  The most physical shift to datein your language.  Because what happens is that Consciousness shifts, then belief that it is possible shifts, then emotions shift and then the physicality shifts.  That is how you experience it in your 3rd dimensionality. 

So what we would like to introduce to you is the concept that you are sitting in a different point in space.  The planet is sitting in a different point in space.  The sun is different, the constellations are different, you are in a different place.  What will you do now?  Will you continue on the same as you always have?  What will you do now?  What will you discover?  Who will you be?  How will you survive?  It is not about surviving is it?  What will you do now? 


If you woke up and your Governments said “we are on a different trajectory, the Earth has moved into a completely different galaxy and you are in a different point in space”, your Governments would likely say unto you “now we must exercise more control because we don’t know what to do, and we must exercise control to maintain our way of life, to uphold the human agenda”.  And yet we say unto you the opposite is true and this has occurred to give you your freedom.  So watch with interest what unfolds in the next weeks, watch with interest as your Governmental authorities attempt to exercise more restriction. There is nothing to be afraid of because you know that you have entered a reality of freedom.  Where will your attention be?  Will your attention be on the sun or will your attention be on those that will attempt to carry the beliefs over? 

Nothing to fear but it is fascinating because when the planet moves into a new reality and a new point in space as it has, it cannot bring its beliefs with it.  We will equate beliefs for you in terms of electromagnetic grids.  Electromagnetic grids are what carries belief within your experience on this planet.  They are not carried individually.  Belief is not individual.  It doesn’t work that way.  It works like a network of energy that sits at a particular vibrational frequency that is set on the planet if there are enough participants to uphold it.  But when the Earth actually moves out of that position it also moves frequency which means that the belief system that is set to that original frequency cannot move with the planet.  This is the moment where humans can say I choose not to believe that and no one is upholding it.  There will be those that attempt to recreate it but they can’t because that is not synergistic with this vibrational frequency. 

Go and explore.


Navigating Out of the Quarantine 

If you have managed to relieve yourself of any internal desire to be a survivor, then for you this period is very interesting because it is about learning what to do with water if you are not just trying to survive within it!  Because this is akin to a human who has been drowning in the ocean and doing everything that they can to stay afloat suddenly realising that the ocean carries them.  So then you must find a different purpose for your existence because your existence is no longer about resilience, and it is no longer about survival.  What are you actually going to do with the vast body of consciousness that you find yourself in?  What are you going to do with the ocean? Because before all you were doing was trying to survive within it. 

Now you can perhaps begin to realise that you are surrounded by a body of consciousness (or ocean) and that this is now about navigating it.  Navigation is really what 2017 is going to be about for you.  It won’t be for long, because by the time you get to mid 2018/2019 it is going to be about commanding the ocean and actually getting it to work for you.  But this period is about navigation and allowing yourself to get into a position where you start to dictate direction.  That is what navigation is.  It is about finding your way by setting your sights and actually moving towards something.  Now we immediately see the question of “well how do I do that if I don’t know what to move toward?  Agree? 

Well let us begin with this.  When you are navigating on the seas the only thing you really have to look towards is the sun or the stars, and at the moment you have been seeing that there are clouds obscuring the stars - but you do still have the sun.  And so the sun for you is your direction at this time. 

Allow the openness of enthusiasm and the openness of that internal state of stimulation be your compass toward the setting sun.   

Now if there is ever a moment where there is something that stirs within you and you feel stimulation you can be sure that you are on course. So this year is about following the signs of stimulation, following the internal navigation, the internal drive because you actually no longer rely on “egoic" drive.  You no longer rely on “egoic" determination, you no longer have a subconsciousness mental construct that is propelling you in the direction of your dreams because it is not there anymore.   

So in other words you don’t have a map, and if you don’t have a map you don’t have a reason for even navigating…particularly when you are in the position where you are out in the middle of the ocean but you don’t really feel like you are lost.  For most humans that are out in the sea of consciousness, mental construct gives them a map and they use the map and navigate to get somewhere else altogether: to get off the ocean and to get onto land. But you realise that you don’t belong to the land - you belong to the consciousness, so your mind is no longer furnishing you with a map because you have got no reason to leave.  Most humans are only looking to progress so ultimately they can leave.  This is not about progression anymore and because you are no longer furnished with a map this is about listening to the internal rhythm and moving toward the sun.   

Now there is no reason for you to move at all unless that inner stimulation starts to come up within you, because once the inner stimulation starts all you need to do is drift in that direction (and there will be times when it drops again and you will sit floating in the ocean until you get the next inner stimulation), but you will find that it will not be about subject and it will not be about mental stimulation because there is nothing you are really interested in at this time – agree?  And it will not be about what is it that you want to achieve.   

The sun will come in the form of people this year because 2017 is when you will look for the light in others to show you which way to go.  Nothing is likely to interest you more than the fascination with other people, and it is likely a long time since you have been fascinated with anybody because it is difficult to become fascinated with others when they are so busy just trying to follow their own maps!  But this year you are going to come across people who have also put down their map and therefore are highly accessible to you because there is nothing that you enjoy more than diving into another’s energy.  The difficulty is that you haven’t been able to find the interest anywhere, haven’t been able to find any kind of excitement but you will find it in other people this year.  

2017 is not about finding propulsion and then anchoring yourself to build something.  That is not what this is about. It is about is discovering how movement works and discovering how propulsion works because propulsion (you will come to understand) does not require personal effort and it does not require intention or purpose.  All it requires is the internal desire to engage via stimulation.  And it will also necessitate that stimulation occurs on many levels for you because there have been levels where you have allowed yourself stimulation and levels where you have denied yourself stimulation and we are in particular referring to your physical state because your physical state you have not allowed yourself stimulation and this leads us into your next question. You would ask us why is it that my body is not concerned with stimulation? 

A certain amount of stillness has been required in order to completely recalibrate your cells so that you can actually put your map down and allow your cells to begin directing you again. Also a certain amount of consolidation which is what a lot of the separation for you is about, because it was about allowing your physical unit to be completely isolated so that it could only take internal reference and you could let go of the map.  Especially when you have other people and other physical experiences come into you - they are very easily adopted by the programs in the cells. If you are going through a period of release of all the programs in the cells, you do not want a lot of physical engagement because they are external reference points that can reprogram the cells again even though you are busy deprogramming them.  So it is a little bit like being in quarantine as you are not wanting too many external reference points to interrupt your deprogramming.   

Although as you move into this year particular from April/May onwards you are going to find that you are going to be requiring new stimulation to bring about new programming.  Now the new programming is not going to come externally like it has done previously.  The new programming is going to be elicited from internally which means that you will not be able to have any influence on your body from external sources so it doesn’t matter what you eat or drink or what you do to you body physically it is not going to make a lot of difference as you will be in the space where it will only be about what your internal stimulatory state is that will determine how your body responds.  So what you realise that coming into April and May when your body starts to really move into a highly stimulated state the programming starts to come up from within the body and out through the cells and your body starts replaying a new program, therefore the way in which your body is physically appearing will change, your tastes will change and the level of physical strength within your body will be invigorated.  You know that you are waiting for the new programs to kick in instead of trying to manage it externally because when you are in quarantine you don’t want to introduce anything that has already been in the system.   

When the stimulation is there everything starts to shift, and when the stimulation comes it is not just about mental and emotional stimulation it is also about physical stimulation – they all happen together.  What you are trying to do now is or what has been suggested to you is that if you get yourself physically stimulated everything else will become stimulated as well but this is a top down process, it doesn’t work in your energy field so this is about getting the internal stimulation first which then affects the mental, emotional and physical.   

What you are waiting for a is a new cue, a new signal for everything to start to come back online and come back online together.  Because the difference is this (and pay attention please) - what most humans are doing when they are addressing the physical is having a limited affect on all the other aspects of Self.  So there are many who are in peak physical condition but are psychologically, emotionally or mentally not where they would like to be.  But what we say to youis that when you work in the reversal and you allow the stimulation to come from within all of those different aspects of you, all the different levels of your reality all work to the same rhythm which means that if the program is coming from consciousness it affects the physical, emotional, mental and psychological together and they all start working to the same rhythm which means there is no longer a disparity between how each of the different aspects of your experience are working.  

Let us give you an example of the closest thing you have had in that experience – the closest thing humans have to that experience is the feeling of falling in love because when a human falls in love everything coincides to the same program.  So the emotional, physical, mental and psychological all come online together and everything works seamlessly.  Now that is the closest that humans have been able to come to experience it which is why humans become so addicted to relationships: the only way they have been able to experience the internal alignment and the internal stimulation aligning everything up is through falling in love.  However, when you have had the experience that you have experienced when you know that consciousness is ‘that’ and you know that it is available at all times you do not require a situation of falling in love to have that alignment, you simply require the knowing that that is what you are.  So in response to a physical ailment you would go into that place and activate the stimulation and everything becomes aligned.    

2017 is about learning to manoeuvre with that stimulation.  It is learning to follow the stimulation and by the time you get midway through 2018 to 2019 you are going to become so good at it you are going to be able to do it in any moment. There are experiences coming in 2017 that are akin to falling in love, because you start to feel that stimulation and you start to feel consciousness arising and all of your different bodies start aligning.  There will be a lot about relationships this year because relationships traditionally for humans have been the avenue to this kind of stimulatory experience.  However, it is very important for you to know that your stimulatory experience is about what is arising internally, not about the relationship itself.   

The stimulatory experiences necessarily mean you learn to navigate the sea, agree?  So therefore distance will be traversed, so there is distance and movement involved, because you know that you have been in one place for far too long.  You have been in quarantine, and you are almost at the end of this now and this is about making yourself available in the ocean and watching for the sun. In truth that is why you came here. 

Peace be with you Blessed Ones.

© 2017 Rebecca Dawson


Dropping Through the Fabric of Dimension

Message from Serapis Bey  

Greetings to you.  Well how are you all travelling?  You are not really travelling at all are you? So, what does it feel like to feel stuck in one place and everything around you seems like it is moving?  Isn’t that what it feels like at the moment?  You are stuck but everything else keeps changing.  Well at least you know that something is moving and it is a marvellous place to be -  right in the centre of it - because when you are right in the centre of it you actually have the best view, because you don’t really want to be moving with the planet now do you?  You want to be staying very still and anchoring.  So what you are seeing is movement in your life around you which actually has nothing to do with sequential movement – it is more about things not staying the same. So a lot of the time it is very subtle change. 

What that really is about of course is the fabric of your reality is changing.  Let us describe it to you like this, because you may understand what a dimensional shift is, you have all heard about it, you have all read about it, you have all been understanding a little bit about it.  And there has been some talk about grids overlaying other grids… and then your reality jumps and there is a New Earth and an Old Earth, and there being two parallel Earths and all this sort of thing, but we are going to explain it to you in a different way.   

Let us say that there is a piece of fabric and the piece of fabric is made up of billions and trillions of threads.  And each one of these threads is an experience, or an aspect of consciousness, or a being, or an individual or an event – it matters not because all of these things are just aspects of consciousness.  And when the time comes for more energy to be able to feed through, more consciousness to be able to feed through, more conscious realities  are being present in your space, more of you  is being able to turn up in your body, more of you is  being able to turn up.  What happens is the fabric and the weave of the fabric starts to stretch and it starts to stretch to let more light in.  And so very soon the fabric gets very thin or appears to be very thin.  It appears to be worn out – this is when you get tired in your life.  This is when you start to feel disconnected from things that you used to be very interwoven with, but now you can’t seem to touch things or access things.  You can’t seem to feel like you belong in that part of the fabric because you start to see yourself separating from it.  Likewise your experiences no longer seem sequential – you can’t say that I got from this part of the fabric to this part of the fabric easily because there are so many spaces in between now.  And so the fabric gets stretched and stretched until you can’t actually see the fabric anymore.  All you can see are holes.  So you are actually looking at the space between the material, the space between matter, the space between your events, the space between your relationships, the space between who you think you are in relation to everything that happens in your life and this is where we start to disappear but at the same time something miraculous happens.   

You start to realise that you are a thread and your ability is equal to the ability of every other thread that makes up this fabric.  So what would happen then if you decided to actually dis-identify with the thread?  Where would you go?  Where would you move to?  What would happen?  Well we would suggest unto you that you would drop right through those holes, drop right through them into the light and drop right into collective consciousness, drop right back into the cosmos…. and then what happens?  Do you disappear?  Do you go off floating into space?  Is there anything left of you?  Well fortunately for you the Earth requires a new piece of fabric, this time however the fabric is made up of different kinds of thread, it is a stronger thread, has more twine involved in each strand so it becomes multi-capacious. The threads are very closely knitted in this new fabric but the weave looks different so every thread is more aware of its place within the fabric.  So this is what we would call the new fabric of reality the Earth is moving to.  It is already there- it is true, but it is you who are dropping through the holes of the old fabric of your life that are going to land in it.  And all you have to really do is let go because there is something there for you to go to.   

This is the beauty of multi-dimensionality.  You are not going to be lost in space if you choose to let go of who you are.  You are going to land somewhere where suddenly there is more of you.   

There is more capacity, there are more strengths, there are more skills, there is more conscious awareness, there are more ways of relating, there is more genius, there is more creative ideas, there is more supply – yes we know you are all thinking about the money.  All of it!  Because in this dimensional fabric – the 3rd dimensional and 4th dimensional reality – when you get spiritual and you start to drop through the holes you have to let go of the fabric and that means you had to let go of society, you have to let go of money, you have to let go of status, you have to let go of relationships. But that was before this other layer of fabric was readily available for you to transition to and now it is widely available to the entire planet so that when you choose to drop through and let go of your lives and your identities you have somewhere to land.  And you have somewhere to re-identify very quickly, so even though we have been talking to you for some time know about losing your identity, it is actually a very quick, quick, quick transition.  You are not going to be wandering around in the wilderness for days or months or even years.  It can happen faster than the speed of light when you actually agree to let go and actually agree to be nothingness – you arrive.   

That is why so many that will make the transition won’t even realise that they have made it - because their Consciousness has already decided to move forward into the new era on the planet and suddenly they are in it.  Children especially don’t have too much to let go of and they just move and they are there.  So the 40 days and the 40 nights in the desert - is it valid for where we are now?  No it’s not, and it is true to say that it will never be, but it had its time when there was sacrifice.  Sacrifice was the ideology through which you gained understanding.  Sacrifice is no longer required.

Peace be with you Blessed Ones.

© 2017 Rebecca Dawson



Kuthumi - 31 January 2017

Blessed Ones greetings to you.  Here you are in the new cosmic chapter, the new cosmic millennium.  Did you know that this is actually the beginning of the new millennium?  You are going to find that there is a dawning that is occurring and 2019 marks a completely new era for you,  so the next 20 or so months for you are about adjustment.  This is to be celebrated because you have been through an awful lot of reconstruction, an awful lot of grief, an awful lot of letting go, an awful lot of recalibration.  So this period is really about learning to walk again.  It is life beginning.  It is new origins.  What do we mean by new origins?  We mean completely new base lines, completely new foundations of what is possible for you.

Be aware you do not define yourselves any longer from your history.  Be aware you do not define yourselves by your people’s actions because you must recognise you no longer belong to the humanity that you have known, you no longer belong to that world.

Many of you have come to realise (and it has been difficult for you) that compassion has been replaced with distaste for many of you.  Be not lamenting that you cannot feel in your compassionate hearts that which ails humanity.  Do not lament that you have increasing distaste for what you see in your exterior world.  We say unto you when you emerge in the new millennium you are no longer a part of that humanity.

We understand that you understand that all is one and that consciousness remains in its state of unification.  However, you are also experiencing an extreme separation between yourselves and the species  of humanity you have come to know.  We say unto you, you are no longer part of that humanity.  You are the seeding of a new humanity.  You are the original humanity being reversed upon this planet and there are periods where you will look at the rest of humanity with disdain and you will feel a separation occur within you.  Be not alarmed. 

As you increasingly move out into your freedom it will be more and more difficult for you to relate to the humanity you once held in esteem and compassion.  You can still look at them and understand their sorrow and understand their struggle but it is difficult for you now to relate and it is difficult for you now to invest your action in trying to remedy that which seems untenable.  And truly for many of you there is a fundamental shift from attempting to rectify this lost species of humanity and instead focusing on what you can create for the new humanity.

It is so very important to know that your disdain is not to be feared and not to be questioned or judged but to be understood as your emergence as a new race, a unified race.

Why is it do you think that you are here at this time?  Is it to rescue humanity?  It is not.  It is to become architects of the new reality.  It is to actually seed the new humanity.  All of you are here and participating in this way and it was a requirement that your bodies will move between the two races, between the two species and we will use the word ‘species’ because the new human is a different species to the humanity now.  The capacities are different, the capabilities are different, the wiring within the brain is different, the inherent patterns are different. 

So for many of you,  you have found yourselves become so segregated from that which you believed you belong to.  Many of you have felt so isolated from that with which you believed to belong to and yet we say unto you,  you are a new species and more and more and more of you will congregate and recognize each other and choose not to play the games that the rest of humanity play and not to participate in the problem solving.  Because you must be very aware that the problem solving is also ...  and you are not here to solve the problems of the old humanity.  You are here to focus on what you will create for the New Humanity.

As Serapis has described you are in a very interesting space between spaces where you can feel lost but found all at the same time.  You can feel that you have no impact and yet you feel like you are completely connected.  So it is an interesting experience for you and it is like being the embryo and being in the womb before you are delivered.  You can feel everything.  Everything on the outside world is amplified to you – all of the Mother’s experiences are amplified to you just as the Earth’s experiences are amplified to you at this time.  Just as the Mother’s emotional, mental and physical experiences resonate and reverberate through the embryo, so it is the planet doing the same to you.  So be aware that what you are feeling is the planet itself. 

You are very sensitive to what it feels but once you are released into the world as the new humanity you will make your mark and you will impact and you will make change just as the life of an infant impacts and creates change within its family.  But the infant comes into a family not to be one of them and not to follow them but to forge their own way, to forge their own identity and their own unique imprint on this planet just as you will.  You are being birthed so lament not what humanity is doing but celebrate what you will do.  This is so important at this time and it is so important not to judge yourselves and do not compare yourselves and do not identify yourselves with what your species have done.  Part of losing your identity in the last years has also been about dis-identification with the humanity you have known. 

You will notice in the young ones that are on the planet at this time a disinterest in many ways with humanity.  You will find amongst the young ones a focus of their own internal perspective that makes them look and sit as if they are separated from everything.  Many of them are only really interested in their own awareness because they are also understanding that they do not belong to the humanity that has come before them so many of them are not interested in participating, many of them are not interested in playing the game.  What they are interested in is finding references for what they will identify in.  And so many of you here and many of you listening will understand that in your maturity as human adults,  you in your understandings will begin to provide these new reference points so that they know that it is acceptable not to relate to what has been but that they have space to play with what will come.

What do you see is happening in your world, what is being presented to you at this time?  Change, destruction, some cooperation (there are pockets).

We are going to suggest to you that 2017 for you is about allowing yourself to be disinterested because we can see in the imprinting of many of you here that you chastise yourselves for being disinterested.  You also chastise yourselves because you are not championing rights and you are not attempting to stand up for what you believe and fight because you are getting a lot of that in your media at this time.  Your media is championing those who would fight for their rights.  Be aware that that is a characteristic of the humanity that has been.  Fighting for rights is no longer a part of the New Human.  It is no longer a part of your requirement here on this planet.  It is no longer about fighting for equality, fighting to be heard, fighting for freedom; it is about demonstrating it by marching to the rhythm of your own species. 

How have we challenged you with this notion on this evening that there is not much for you to do with humanity (not the humanity you have known)?  You are only here for the humanity that comes.  Do you see it?

What would you say if we said unto you that you are fighting for something that you don’t belong to?  Challenging – for some of you perhaps?  Others know that you don’t belong and you wish that all the noise would just go away. 

So, 2017 for you is a period when you start to recognise that you are a part of what is next, where you start to dis-identify with the history of the humanity you believed yourself to belong to and you start to embrace the humanity that you are here to represent.  There is a galactic reunion that is occurring and each and every one of you both genetically and otherwise represent this galactic union.  You embody it in your cells and in your DNA.  The constructed humanity that you have come to know is not the humanity that was designed to be here and so the re-emergence of the new humanity begins.

Peace be with you Blessed Ones.

© 2017 Rebecca Dawson






Kuthumi, August 2015

One of the very unique things about this planet is that its one of the very few places in which you can actually experience relationship.  Relationship is the avenue to wholeness in this paradigm.  Relationship is the ability to be able to observe oneself in another.  Relationships are where you like to experience union.  Isn’t that what coming together in a relationship is all about – feeling whole?  Sometimes that is in sexual union, sometimes it is being mentally stimulated, sometimes it is having the comfort of support so you feel like an individual.  So the very social construct of planet earth has been ingeniously designed so that there is a natural motivation and drive to seek union with another and within this game of separation and duality seeking union in another is often where we get mislead. Because we like to have that feeling and we believe that it can’t be achieved on our own.  

It is very useful to have a partner because they often reflect back to us what we need to see about ourselves, and yet when you are able to actually collapse within and find your union there…..then the whole planet becomes something you fall in love with.  And it is more and more difficult for you to be able to dedicate your time, your energy and your attention into several relationships.  So we must be very clear with you about this because there are many of you who are finding that it is becoming more and more difficult to stay in a relationship.  Is this a failure on your Part?  No it is not.  Is it a widening of your canvas to envelope more of a relationship with the collective?  Yes it is.  And even those of you who are already in what you would call committed relationships you are going to start to experience a sense of disengagement- and that is not to say you that have fallen out of interest with your partner, but it does mean to say that the emotional connection that you felt with them starts to dissolve.  This is not to say that it is going to put your relationship in jeopardy but what it does mean to say is that your attention and your expansiveness now is embracing the entire collective humanity, and this is something that you want to have a relationship with. 

So it becomes less about a humanised way of relating, it becomes less about the one on one, less about the attention and more about the opening to accept all.  And so the delightful thing about being a Master on this planet, as you can understand, is that you have the opportunity to fall in love with the entire planet.  You have the opportunity to fall in love with humanity.  This is what the view is like on the other side of the bridge.  It is not about partnership anymore.  It is about erasing the wall.  It is not about trying to find your missing piece, trying to find your soul mate, trying to find your twin, because that would limit you to one portion of light that you are relating to and engaging with.  When you move to the other side of the bridge the whole planet becomes your life and every person that you come across and every pair of eyes that you look into is an opportunity to fall in love again and again and again and again.  And that is why we ask you to look deeply into each others eyes.  Not only tohelp you understand how to dive into the collective, how to lose your identity, but it also teaches you how to fall in love with consciousness because that is the only thing that your love is worthy of in the New Paradigm. 

You cannot limit yourself to a person, you cannot even begin to love another entity.  How many of you have had experiences of falling in love, becoming enamoured, enraptured with somebody only to discover that what you thought they were is not?  True?  Because what you fall in love with is their identity.  If you are going to fall in lovewith humanity and fall in love with consciousness what it means is you can fall in love with any person on the planet at all.  Look around this room right now, look at all the eyes, look at all the faces.  You could fall in love with every single being in this room.  That is the nature of relationship in the New Paradigm.  That is what is going to change the way humans see each other and the way humans regard their place on this planet.  That is what is going to affect the way new governments are constructed, the way industry is run, the way the economy comes together to support humanity not the other way around where humanity supports the economy.  It all begins in the form of love.  So falling in love is seeing what is really there.  

How many of you can look into a baby’s eyes or a young child’s eyes and see unconditional love?  And yet how many of you are able to do that with another adult?  Do you look into another adult’s eyes and see unconditional love?  You do not – you avert your eyes – you look away.  Many of you to protect yourselves, many of you don’t want to be exposed and there is also argument that it is not your place to dive in there – we have heard that one before!  So, how many of you believe that you are ready to fall in love with everybody?  You have to expose yourself to do that.  

So what happens to the people that you are having relationships with now?

They are still there, you love them too.  But it doesn’t become about an emotional love anymore, it becomes about a much wider, lighter regard of humanity.  And in the relationship that you are already in they too are a part of humanity and so you love them for it but you discontinue to be engaged with their identity.  This is actually going to make your relationships more harmonious because no longer will you be concerned about their ego, their quirks, their annoyances, what they do that you can’t control, what they do that disappoints you.  That would be having a relationship with their identity and you are no longer interested in this, you are only interested in consciousness so every time you go to your partner and you want to engage with their identity and it becomes an issue for you, please look into their eyes and remind yourself of what is there.  Do you want to have a relationship with a mask or do you want to have a relationship with the whole planet?  You ask for fulfilment – isn’t that what you all want in the New Paradigm?  Well you have 7 billion people to love – it is very engaging!  

There was a time when I came down from the mountain just for a day.  After I had seen what there was to see and understood that there was nothing that separated me from the All, I went down into a village and I came across a boy with a cow and I looked into his eyes and I saw him for who he was.  At first the boy was afraid because never had anyone every looked at him in such an intimate way before.  Never had anyone looked past his bedraggled clothes, the state of his cow and his shoeless feet and he knelt in front of me and he said “I know who you are”.  But those very words that he said unto me was him saying that he knew who he was, because as soon as you can recognise someone for who they are you actually create a shift in them.  They join you in your love for humanity because when you look at them right into the eyes it disarms them, your identity (just for a moment) is gone - just for a moment.  And there were many that will continue to feel that feeling again, continue to look for that feeling again because you have ignited something in them.  

So how many of you when you are ready to let go of your identities and are also ready to let go of the way in which you have relationships?  It is very liberating because it means that you can co-habituate without expectation, it means that everybody starts to get along because there is no restriction anymore, there is no control. And while you may suppose that this may cause some to drift or wander, what it does it actually enables them to step into their own magnificence, which means that you end up being partner of the most glorious being on the planet.  How many of you see within your partner’s potential?  How many of you have had partners that you see the potential in, whether or not they are still there has nothing to do with you- but we say unto you this:  when you are ready to embrace all of humanity and fall in love with all of humanity you will never be partnerless again because you cannot find what you are looking for in someone else, you have to recognise it in everyone.  And when you recognise it in everyone it comes to you. 

2015 Rebecca Dawson

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