Born in Sydney, I was a frequent explorer of the Harbour's exceptional hinterland and at home in the ancient and diverse Australian bush. I find inspiration from the natural world wherever I am as well as through meditation.

In my youth I was a member of The Meditational Arts Temple Dance troupe in Australia. During this time, I pursued my interests in yoga and natural healing while also nurturing my interest in painting and drawing. I have continued to develop all of these areas throughout my life, gaining a Degree in Fine Art & Humanities and regularly attending classes related to my professional work as an artist.

My work is exhibited in London and the South East of England where I have been living for some time. I undertake commissions both for private clients and for publication. My work is to be found in private collections in the UK, USA and Australia, in literary and artistic publications, and as cover art for music CDs.

New work has come to fruition recently following years of development with processes ranging from image transfer to silkscreen printing. This innovates on traditional craft skills, combining mono printing, various technologies, own sketches, and fine art painting. This development allows a freer way of painting in which illustrative figuration is minimized, and more expression is given to the colour, tone and energy of a subject within a sense of place.

This style has proved popular with clients seeking uplifting commissions that reflect their journeys.

I find inspiration from the natural world, people, and meditation. Through painting, I hope to draw attention to humanity's interdependence with both the tangible and intangible aspects of our magical universe, while reflecting my interest in nurturing the mind, body and spirit.