Since the age of 35 I've studied metaphysics and, over the past few years, my path has been peppered with unusual and, quite frequently, beautiful experiences... the following is one of my most memorable of these and features one of man's best friends …

             The psychic and the dog

             The psychic and the dog

A psychic whom I had known for several years, and who would often speak for over an hour telling me all the various goings-on in my life – quite accurately - suddenly said to me during a session: “do you know someone who's an actress?” .. “err, I might, ” I replied - as you do, not wishing to lead him - he continued:  “ has she got a very big dog”.. well, that took me by surprise as I did know an actress who has dog, a very BIG dog, an English Mastiff whose custom greeting included depositinga deluge of saliva on my arm whenever I saw him. He also could never keep still, even for a moment.

“That dog doesn't have long for this world”, said the psychic, " so you need to give him some healing!"  Hmm, I thought, that's interesting, he had picked up on something quite unknown to me, and very specific to boot. Although I'm fairly used to hearing 'channelled' information and, if it felt right, then possibly acting upon it. On this occasion I simply took it in and put it to one side for a while,  that is, until, a few weeks later when I found myself riding my (old-timer) motorcycle down the autumnal leafy-lanes of West Sussex and,  lo and behold, I'm actually not that far from the home of the friend and the dog in question.. should I maybe call in I wondered?

I stood on the doorstep of this beautiful, rambling, fourteenth-century manor house; the ancient oak door creaked open, but my welcome was not the usual one.. the lady in question was not in a great mood having just returned from the vet, as she explained in a strained and agitated voice, who had told her “your dog has a twisted gut and he's not in good shape.. he’ll probably only live for a couple of weeks”. She was, understandably, very distressed as one can imagine, and the dog looked so sad.. and very, very agitated. I asked, almost immediately, “how would you feel if I gave him some healing?” The reply was: "do whatever you want", and she simply stormed out of the room, leaving man and dog just standing there.

At the time I couldn't really see how I could achieve anything as this huge animal just wouldn't keep still for a moment but  just kept walking in circles around me. I decided, for some reason, to let him follow me into the lounge (an amazing place, beautifully furnished).  A gold velvety chaise longue beckoned and, to my utter amazement, this enormous dog climbed onto the cushion next  to me, almost wrapping himself around me, lying quite still.. very calm. So, taking advantage of the moment, I did my thing.. the healing, and we just lay together silently for a good hour or so. Despite his size and nature I was very fond of this gentle giant.

Afterwards, I said nothing to my friend, just a small kiss on the fore-head for the dog and off I went up the road, past the Saxon church, the monastery and the pretty stone houses, feeling very movedby the whole experience and thinking to myself how amazing it was that the dog almost seemed to know why I was there. How did the psychic pick up on it when even I knew nothing of this in advance?  It’s difficult when we see an animal in pain and suffering; and this one was. I do think we must have had a sort of ‘telepathic link’ and that he called out to me in his hour of need.

It must have been around eighteen months later when I found myself  passing through this delightful hamlet again..time to make a visit and say hello; see how things are with the lady of the house – maybe dreading the likely news - and who should come bounding right up to me.. yes.. I couldn't believe my eyes.. he was still with us..amazing! I put my arms around the enormous girth and rejoiced in seeing the old fellow again..looking sprightly and full of energy.

We never talked about it, I never told anyone;  just let it be. Six months later he did indeed depart, so peacefully, to the other realms. I wasn't sad as I knew he had always suffered – albeit in silence, as our pets so often do - and he had been in so much pain throughout  his life. I shall never forget what happened, all those years ago, and the healing that occurred so naturally when he came so willingly to me.