I have been an avid reader of Kryon since the very start when I was handed a copy of Lee’s first book  ‘The End Times’ by a friend.  Since then, I haven’t missed a channelling or a book! I have also had the pleasure of meeting Lee on several occasions: the first was in Paris in 2000 and the last on Mount Etna in Sicily in April 2015, where we chatted and strolled high up on the snow-covered volcano! I have studied and worked as a healer/spiritual counsellor, guided very much by Kryon over the past 30 years. My wife and I have a small chapel in the beautiful town of Petworth, West Sussex, where we host Yoga retreats, meditation groups and offer Astrological readings.


Malti Patel 

I have been on a spiritual journey for many years; this has led me to read many books in that field and to attend many workshops including healing, working with Gaia and communicating with angels. I have been reading and listening to Kyron for the past few years and find that the messages contain the clarity of teaching which can help us all develop both spiritually - and even physically when we begin to understand that consciousness changes physics! I love my work, which is in computing, and I am blessed to live close to the Surrey Hills.