Michelle Karen's predictions for 2019

NUMEROGICALLY: 2+0+1+9= 12=3. The composite number 12 in Chaldean numerology can indicate mental anxiety and being victimized by the plans or intrigues of others. This number also reduces to 3. 3, in astrology is associated to the planet Jupiter, revealing how best to face this year’s challenges. Slowing down, doing our best to enjoy regular naps, engaging in disciplines linking mind, heart, body and spirit (such as yoga or Chi Gong), are helpful this year to reflect and make sure that the demands of our lives do not exceed our capacity to withstand them.

The Tour of a lifetime(s)

The Magical Mystery Tour 2018 has been the most extensive Kryon UK event to date. Travellers from over 20 countries participated and visited sacred sites in the North, Scotland and the South of England over a 3 week period, enjoying good weather and the company of Lee and the Global Kryon Team.

Return to Ireland

Lee Carroll and the Kryon team are back in the Emerald Isle this year with a tour of many sacred sites and places, plus a bigger than ever Kryon seminar in Dublin. There is a considerable amount to see and do on the tour which is, once again, lead by Maria O'Farrell Carr. She and Janet Donald will also be running a 'Sacred Energy Workshop and more.

Spiritual artists feature

We are delighted to set the scene in our new 'Spiritual Artists' section  by introducing some of the work of Aimee Birnbaum whose recent London Exhibition entitled Baltic Dreams embraced the realms of the seen and unseen, taking in forms and figures, rivers and forests, dark and light, all in a swirl of fantasy and reality; both nature and nature spirits depicted in beautiful tapestries within the ancient lands of the earth.

Aimee works at  the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours. Her work has recently been accepted by The Royal Academy of Arts.