Upcoming UK Meetups.. 

   Kryon UK Picnic in The Park 27 July 2019

The first of what we hope will become an annual Kryon UK gathering, and in one of the most beautiful settings you can imagine, Petworth Park with its famous house and grounds which were landscaped by, the appropriately named, Capability Brown. Free-roaming fallow deer can be seen in the park which is planted with many old and sacred trees; there are two lakes and the land is encompassed by a stone wall no less than 14 miles in length.

If you enjoy country houses and their history, then a visit to the main house with its many antiquities and art is a must. There is a unique collection of original Turners on display (Petworth House is featured in the film of this great man) and a walk in The Pleasure Grounds is nice too. This is the link for Petworth House and Park.

If you can stretch to an overnight stay it’s worth spending a few hours exploring the park and pretty town with its many antique shops and attractions. If not, use the morning to visit as we meet for the picnic at 1pm.

The picture below from one of our spontaneous meets in the park…November and and a very chilly wind! Notice the significant tree behind us..                                    

petworth nov 1.jpg

We do need to know numbers so please email: kryonuk@gmail.com to confirm you will be attending!

Meet at the Angel Inn in the centre of Petworth Town..(details here) at 12.45pm to gather the group and maybe have a coffee. We will be there from 12 noon.

Bring a picnic-lunch with you, a rug to sit on and suitable outdoor clothing.. we will set off for the park approx 1.30pm. It’s quite a short walk to the FREE entrance. If the weather is with us we will enjoy the beautiful park and its trees together and there will be a meditation with the group at some point. As a back-up, depending upon the weather, we can retreat to our small converted chapel and picnic there!

Updates and any additional details will be posted on the Kryon UK Facebook Pages

Looking forward to seeing many new and familiar faces on the day..

Winchester Meetup 27 April 2019

Long barn meet.jpg

A fairly spontaneous meetup for the six of us at The Long Barn, near Winchester. After coffee and chats we embarked and a very beautiful walk by the River Itchen, close to the famous Watercress Beds of Alresford, Hampshire. Lovely chats and a little sunshine made our day rather special!

New Meetup - Kenwood House, London

11.11am Saturday 13 October 

Our first ever Kryon UK Meetup for those living in and around London; the venue: the beautiful Kenwood House and grounds in Hampstead.

We were 13 Kryonites and Kryonettes, bathing in autumnal sunshine and enjoying the incredible beauty of the House and Heath. After coffee and croissants we set off on a marvellous walk around the heathlands and lake, guided by Naomi who suggested the venue and kindly gave us a lift too! A short meditation on the grassy surrounds and back to the Brewhouse Cafe for more delights. Wonderful!


Wall to wall sunshine enjoyed by our

group at Kenwood House!

kryon hampsted.jpg

Avebury (Honey Street) - 14 July 2018!

Once again we meet at this lovely spot in Wiltshire to see and hear the latest in Crop-circle formations with the help of Monique van Kinkenbergh who has an annual exhibition here near Avebury Henge.


We meet at Honey Street Mill Cafe (shown above) at 11am for coffee then spend some time at the exhibition. Depending upon the weather we may visit Avebury Stone Circle and, if time allows, West Kennett Long Barrow. If good weather we will have a picnic lunch (food from the cafe if you prefer); if not we stay with the cafe!

You'll need to have your own transport and bring suitable outdoor wear and something to sit on. Last year we went chasing a new crop-circle which was great fun!

If you would like to join us please email Graham kryonuk@gmail.com

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Chester Meetup 10th June 2018

The first Kryon UK meetup in the north of England! Organised by Chris Ashley, six Kryonites and Kryonettes came together for the first time and enjoyed deep coversations and joyful chats in the beautiful City of Chester.



Petworth Meetup - 25th November 2017

Our second meetup in Petworth, West Sussex, introduced us to new faces from as far afield as New Mexico..a family of three visiting London spotted our event and made their way to our small chapel to join our group for a day of meditation, led by Malti Patel, a fabulous vegetarian lunch at the famous 'Meghdoots' Indian restaurant, a walk in Petworth Park and finished with an English  cream tea at the unique Old Railway Station nearby.

Avebury Meetup 12 August 2017


Expect the unexpected... and we certainly did! Nine of us participated in a one-day meetup which found us in the Vale of Pewsey, right next to the beautiful Kennet and Avon Canal. It's a great spot and the new crop circle research centre was our first stop; we met Monique who gave us all a guided tour of her research and amazing pictures of some of the most complex and interesting geometric patterns.

Lunch at the superb Honey Street Cafe fueled our vote to go in search of one of the latest crop circles and to give Avebury Henge a miss on this occasion. Our motorcade sped through the hills and dales until we pinpointed our target which was hardly visible from the road. The kindly farmer allowed us to go into the formation which was so special!

We all laid flat in the centre for a silent (apart from a drone filming us!) meditation. Afterwards, many agreed that the 'energy' could be felt and I certainly felt incredible heat in my hands afterwards. Above all it was fun! We won't become 'Croppies' but we will go back next year for more! See the pics above...


Crop circle Exhibition and Avebury 12 August 2017

A fascinating exhibition of crop circles, their history, background and research forms the backdrop of our next Kryon UK meetup. Monique Kinkenbergh has put together the world's most important collection of photography and information on this puzzling phenomenon in her exhibition centre next door to The Barge Inn, set on the beautiful Kennet and Avon Canal in wiltshire's crop circle 'epicentre', close to Alton Barnes.

We meet together at the exhibition centre (details above) around 11am. Monique will be on hand to answer questions and inform us where the latest crop-formations have appeared. If time allows, and if there is a recent circle close by, we may be able to travel there and even experience the 'energies' inside!

Lunch is available at The Barge Inn next door, after which, and at around 2pm, we will make our way to Avebury stone circle which is about 20 mins drive. There is the Henge Shop to visit and we can make a walk around the stones before settling in our group for a meditation within the stones at 3.30pm. We will arrange a meeting point for this on the day.

Make sure to bring walking shoes, a rain jacket and something to sit on for the meditation. We look forward to seeing you on the day!

Glastonbury 1st and 2nd July 2017


Kryon picnic on the Tor

Our very first Kryon meet at the top Glastonbury's famous Tor! This is a very special place for Lightworkers and represents 'home' for many. The Tor has many meanings for us which are esoteric and shrouded in folklore. That is the magic of the place and for many it eclipses even Stonehenge as you may even climb upon it and appreciate the energies, the sacred waters and the wonderful legend of King Arthur. The Chalice Well, nearby is also a place of divinity and healing.

Laura Barbour took the Lemurian Sisterhood group on the Saturday, completing the day at the Chalice Well with water ceremony and meditations. The remaining male partners, in the meanwhile, enjoyed chatting in the local cafes and taking in the wonders of the town.

Sunday saw us all at the top of the Tor for the Kryon Picnic and meditation to end the day. A big 'thank you' to Tony for taking the pictures and to Richard for risking introducing his two lovely friends to the group.. synchronicity and sunshine were there to make this a weekend to remember.


London and south east... 11 March 2017

We asked for sunshine and so it was! 13 of us met at 11am on 11 March for the first London and south east Kryon Meetup. After a coffee at the fabulous Zoo Cafe, Milford station, our group set off on a beautiful walk through the surrey hills. After a meditation under the canopy of a significant yew tree, led by Paul, we  emerged from the forest onto Hambledon common (featured in Louis de Bernier's book, 'Notwithstanding') to the high-point overlooking the south downs. A lunch-stop at Hambledon Village shop/cafe filled us with healthy delights before the last leg of the journey which would find us in meditation circle at The Great Yew of Hambledon Church. This most extraordinary tree is said to be more than 2,500 years old. The interior of the tree feels almost habitable!

A fabulous day in the company of like-minded souls...


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Meetups for Kryonites and Kryonettes 

If you love the writings and audios from Kryon, you can now link up with other Kryonites and Kryonettes living in the UK to share with each other the beautiful information channelled by Lee Carroll. We are slowly putting together a map so that when we have enough interest in a particular geographical area, we can set the ball rolling and make  a time and a place for the first group Meetup. Suggestions and support welcome.

So far we have had four Meetups, based around London, the South Downs and the south west. We would like to eventually extend this to all other areas of the UK and Ireland. It will take time so please be patient! The UK website is barely a year old but we are steadily building a list of subscribers on our mail-list. Sign up below for our monthly newsletter.

To join our Meetup Groups all you need to do is Email us at kryon@gmail.com with your name and your nearest main town or City.

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