The House of Joy

One of the most fascinating channels from Kryon (science) was 'The Cosmic Lattice'     - given in two parts - which gave the reader an extraordinary insight into the shape and energy of our universe. Kryon excused those in the audience who may prefer to sleep during a science discussion.. then surprised everyone, at the end, with this very beautiful message which speaks directly to the heart:



We’re going to build a house, you and I, right now. We have talked about human power, and in past channels we have talked about human peace. We’ve talked about love and honor. So many things we have brought to you over this time. Our heart connection is so strong with you! We can talk of science, but we’ll always be brought back to the human HEART. The connection with The Cosmic Lattice, dear ones, is the joy connection. Did you know that? That’s what we’re going to talk about now. Although this may sound like unrelated information, it is actually the summary of The Cosmic Lattice revelation.


We’re going to start building this house of joy with a foundation. As is the way of all builders, a foundation must be created for this house of joy, and we’re going to tell you that the foundation for the house of joy is self-worth. And if you’ve never felt a bit of self-worth, now I am telling you something: This planet of free choice was designed and built with entities living on it that are pieces of God! It is the ONLY place in the Universe that is in "lesson" with CHOICE like this. Your test, therefore is a "remembrance" of who you really are. Oh, there are other planets which contain entities which are able to SPEAK to The Cosmic Lattice, but this Earth is special, for you are actually able to USE the lattice personally... and now you’re getting to know why. There is so much honor for you!

This house of joy we’re going to build together has a foundation of self-worth, and we’re here to say that you cannot even begin to experience joy, until you understand your worthiness to be here. You deserve to be here! You are some of the only entities with a connection to this cosmic force, and we tell you that you are special. Now do you understand what the "love connection" means? No matter what the distance in the Universe, ALL who are connected to the lattice know who you are. They know that you are part of a grander plan, and every dot of light you see in the sky operates on the very power base that is available to you through self worth and human intent. Think of that the next time you’re able to look up and see them all. Many who are there know your name! There’s a consciousness that pervades it all that eventually you will know and recognize. That ought to give you some self-worth! The angel with your face that sits inside you belongs there. It is magnificent, and it has purpose—and at the cellular level you know why you are here. Stand tall and understand that the self-worth issue is the beginning of joy.


Let us talk about the walls of this house of joy that we’re building. Metaphorically the walls are going to support everything else. They will support the roof, which gives you shelter. They’re eventually going to supply the protection from the elements—the walls of this house of joy. And dear ones, these walls are going to be built figuratively with your verbalization. You see, what you verbalize day to day is going to build the walls for your joy house. And again we tell you these things which we have told the other groups also: As you walk from one place to another, watch what are you verbalizing. Ask yourself, "Are the concepts you speak, perfect magnificent anointed words coming from a human being of pure intent?" If not, do you have a negative verbalization habit? Are you saying things like, "Oh, I knew that would happen!" In response to a challenge? Are the words you speak verbalizing things that are inappropriate about others? Is that the house you wish to build? Are your words verbalizing things which are uplifting? Are they verbalizing positive things that create power and healing? Or are they building nothing at all? These are the walls, and dear ones, without these walls being pure and carefully built, the house will never stand on its foundation. Practice verbalizing positive, uplifting truth. Create your walls with your voice. Make your verbalization your reality.


Let us talk next about the mortar. Figuratively, the mortar is a glue-like substance which hangs everything else together and makes it stick. You’ll find it everywhere in your house. It’s going to be stuck to the foundation and in the walls you verbalized. It’s going to be in the ceiling. It’s going to be in the windows and the door. Mortar is everywhere and you’ll never guess what attribute we’re going to assign to it. The mortar of the house of joy is laughter. It’s humor! Oh, there are so many religious people walking the planet who are afraid to smile. They say, "God is serious," and they say, "Spirit would not have us to laugh at such a sacred time." I’m telling you, dear ones, that the laughter that we hear from humans IS sacred and anointed. It is, as my partner has stated earlier [during the day seminar] "the only attribute that passes intact through the veil to humans from Spirit." Humor! Laughter! You know what you feel when you laugh? When you laugh in the love of Spirit, you experience JOY! There is no greater anointed feeling, and it should give you chills to know this. Start your next meditation by laughing in the realization that we all share this wonderful mortar... something that we join in with you. Try it sometime. Watch the energy around the humor. Uproarious laughter is a sacred thing. It is! That’s the mortar of the house of joy.


Let us talk now about the windows in this special house. Metaphorically, dear ones, windows are what you look OUT of, upon the world. They’re also the items used for those of the world to look IN upon you...and they are necessary. What is the attribute that would create the windows of the house of joy? Let me tell you. The attribute is the CONNECTION to The Cosmic Lattice which we have called the Mantle of God, or in your language, wisdom. Wisdom of Spirit is the connection to the lattice, for it involves LOVE. It is when you reach up and take the hand of God, and you "partner with God" in this new energy, that you receive the wisdom of the Mantle of Spirit. It allows you to look out upon the world in a wise fashion. It is this which allows you to be slow to react when accused, and which allows the patience and the peace of a human countenance which is gentle and quiet. This IS wisdom. It is the Mantle of Spirit and the connection with The Cosmic Lattice that keeps you in check when it would be easy to demean another, or to feel important because of it. When the world looks in your window, they will see the wisdom of God. Do you hear what I’m saying? Wisdom! And it is this wisdom that is available to each one here (and reading this) that creates the peace in a life that would not seem to be otherwise peaceful. Oh, that’s where the JOY is! That’s the miracle of the house you have built. You can take a deep breath right now and let the joy flow in. Know that you are an anointed piece of God in this anointed place, with infinite energy connected to The Cosmic Lattice.


Now we come to the last piece, the door. Metaphorically, how are you going to get into the house of joy, even after you’ve built it? Even with self-worth—even with humor—even with good verbalization and wisdom, you must ENTER INTO the house, now that it’s built, and experience what’s inside. The greatest power in the Universe and on this planet right now is human INTENT. It’s intent that will open the door to the house of joy. And what is it that you’re going to intend first that’s going to get you over the threshold that lets you stand in that place where you can laugh and have peace and be joyful with who you are? It is the intent to have LOVE enter your life. You’re inviting The Cosmic Lattice! You’re inviting the power that is beyond all power! It is profound!

Your house is complete. "What?" You say. "No roof?" No. Joy is unlimited, and can never have a lid. The lack of a roof in the house of joy is the metaphor of the open connection to God... the overflow of the power of joy... such is the love of God.

Each one of you carries a light, dear ones, that is seen clearly by every entity in the universe. There are entities so far away that you cannot even conceive that they might know of your light. However, they know what is taking place here, and they are preparing for their changes because of what you are doing. They are sending you love which is instant for what you have done. Your task on this planet is universal and it has very little to do with earth, did you know that? For what happens here will affect all of us, even the Kryon.

Is it any wonder that we come and sit at your feet and love you so? Is it any wonder that we now marvel that the veil has lifted, and we can give you this information? And we tell you that the physicists already know of part of the lattice. The ones who are discovering that consciousness changes their experiments are the ones who know something’s up. It’s coming. Look for it. There is so much more we could say, but now we just want to sit at your feet and love you.


And so it is.