Kryon Explained

It's always a challenge when somebody asks ‘who is this Kryon anyway’. We all live in a three dimensional world and everything seems singular and, as Lee often says, linear. To even understand who or what Kryon is you have to leave your safe box of 3D and  simply accept that it is what it is.... a multi-dimensional source (not singular) which, in a confluence of love, utilises the normal human intellect, mind, brain etc. to translate what may be termed ‘thought packages’ into our own everyday language. The information is always given within an energy of love and, of course, with Lee’s permission.

If you read or listen to the channels from the earlier days up until now you will notice that the information is always consistent and, of course, profound. However, when compared to the earlier, more cryptic, messages, they have now become much more literal for our understanding. Kryon explains that this is commensurate with an evolving human consciousness and that only now are we ready to receive the information in this new way.

If you are new to the Kryon work, one of the best resources can be found in the books written by Monika Muranyi. She has painstakingly worked through the many channellings (including some which were never transcribed) and succeeded in putting the information together in a very comprehensible way. Ideally suited to those starting from scratch, Monika has assembled Kryon’s messages and published them in a conveniently condensed form.

Over the years, Lee has compiled an extensive list of questions from readers and listeners. Kryon answers these and sometimes offers an alternative overview for better understanding. Click the button below to view: 

Lee Carroll

Lee Carroll