Lee Carroll in London

September 2014.. Kryon came to London for the very first time, and what a wonderful experience it was! After addressing an expectant audience at the beautiful venue of St James’s Church, Piccadilly, Lee then took the Kryon team to a rather different and unusual venue close to Marble Arch: The Victory Services Club. With Robert Coxon providing the music, the Kryon Team presented with Lee giving an overview of planetary and individual changes post Galactic Alignment:  The New Prophesy For Earth was the overall theme for lightworkers living in the UK.

Filled with optimism and new information, the main Channelling gave insights into the history of this sacred land with many hints about ‘the hidden wisdom’ which, he tells us, we may all now access in these new times.  Monica Muranyi was also on hand with her books and a ready smile!

We can’t wait for Lee to come again…Click here to listen to the full audio.